10 More Annoying People in the Gym

Okay. It seems I’m not done yet. (Good luck)


I went to the gym today after work again. And it seems, I got annoyed by a few more people.

Seriously, does this ever end?!

Here are 10 more annoying people in the gym!


1. The Phone-y



This goes for (usually) women who can’t take their hands off their phones. They talk, text and faceboook on their phones. They are multi-tasking!

No big deal, except when you’re too loud or taking your sweet time talking in the treadmill (for an hour), where the limit is only 20 minutes per person… yes, everybody is waiting for you. They actually came there to “use” the treadmill.



And not so loud! We don’t need to hear about your fight with your boyfriend. And your sex life… or do we?…


2. The Stinky



Oh yeah… we’ve all smelled those people. Eww. Can you, uh, for crying out loud… take a bath!

And a little deodorant would help.


3. The Trying Hard



This guy loads up a bulk-load of weights, and after only three reps,  gives out a loud shriek and surrenders.

Hey, if you can’t handle it, start small. Because seriously, you might (or probably will) hurt yourself.


4. The Spotter of Spotters.



This is kinda like the “trying hard,” but a bit sneakier. This guy finds a spotter (you know, the guy assisting you on your bench presses), then loads up the barbell heavy, (and especially when there are a lot of women in the gym), and shows off how he can lift big weights.

But what people don’t know is, he barely lifts 50% and leaves the rest to his poor spotter (usually the gym fitness trainer). Gosh. Sneaky.


5. The Dumper Lunker



Unfortunately, this guy can’t put down weights slowly. He really, really, and I mean, really, really needs to dump the weights loudly on the floor after each use.

BAM! And the whole crowd gets stratled.  Sheesh.


6. The Duo



This is a little different from the spotter of spotters. They arrive together. They get dressed and stretch together. Then they lift weights together. Pretending to lift much more than they really can.

If you can’t lift 200 lbs, do you really need to lift 200 lbs?


7. Mr. Tight-Pants


Editor's notes: I will go to hell for posting this.


Men wearing tight-pants. Have you seen one? Yes you did! And it’s weird, isn’t it? Makes you cringe, doesn’t it? Nuff’ said.


8. The Point of No Return



This guy loads up weights on bars or dumbbells, like there’s no tomorrow, and doesn’t return it after use. The next poor guy comes along and gets stuck unloading 300 lbs worth of weights.

Gosh, common gym etiquette requires you to return equipment after use. :(


9. The Photographer



This dude takes pictures of himself (or his body) after each set. And maybe loads it directly to facebook through his smartphone. This guy must have taken hundreds of pictures per workout. His facebook page must be loaded with them. Doesn’t he ever get tired?


 10. The Weirdo.



And finally, there’s always that weirdo in the gym that just makes everybody uncomfortable. Nuff’ said.


Again, don’t take this personally, I’m just laying out my peeves. See yah!

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