19 Dead in Flood now… when will this stop?

The whole city is drowning. It’s a miracle I still have Internet, or electricity for that matter.



It’s been raining non-stop. The news said we just hit a record of 34 inches in 72 hours. A record? Really?

Well, at least my son is happy. No school. But he won’t be happy when electricity shuts down. He’ll get bored really fast.

I’ve been checking up on all my friends and family if they are alright. I’ve been trying to contact them through FB and text, but not all of them replied. I’m worried.


I see people from outside the window paddling wooden rafts. Wherein days ago, it was tricycles and jeepneys busily bustling in the streets. Now, it’s wooden rafts! That’s how deep underwater we are. And I swear to God, we even saw a jetski passed by a few hours ago. Well, at least they’re having fun.

My son wanted to ride the jetski. He cried so hard. Too bad, this is not the time to have fun. At least that’s what I think. Sorry, anak.


Our whole lot is flooded. We have to battle the flood everytime we run out of food. I’m afraid my husband might get sick from taking on the dirty waters. Thank God we still have a few days worth of canned goods. :) It’ll do for now. At the very least, I’m happy we’re not hungry.

My son is still lost in his PS3. No worries, no care in the world. I wish I could be like that. But I can’t stop worrying. Is this flood going to be here every rainy season? What about next year? Are they finally going to clean up the drainage system? Cleaning the sewers will help with the flood. Believe me.


This will do for now. We’re not hurt and are still relatively healthy. In its very core, that’s already a lot to be thankful about. I pray it’ll stay that way.


I wish I could be like my son. Not a care in this world.



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