2012! Woohoo! End of the world!

Crisis is coming. What to do?

Change is coming. And humans were never really good with change. So they treat every “change” as a crisis.

2011 is over, and a new year begins. The mysterious 2012. You know what I’m talking about. Everybody knows what I’m talking about.

So many information around the web about 2012 — it’s hard to know which is which:

  • The world will end.
  • solar flares will destroy the world
  • The mysterious “Awakening.”
  • Aliens are coming.
  • Aliens are coming to enslave us to mine gold for them.


Why the hell am I talking about this?

Because I got so bored yesterday and I started reading random stuff. So obviously, the hot topic is the end of 2011 and the beginning of the mysterious 2012 — whoooo.


And so far, from my six hour research, the aliens coming back to earth made the most sense (made a lot of sense actually). And yes, you heard me right, I said “coming back,” as in “they’ve been here before.”

So let me get you up to date. This is all taken from the ancient Sumerian texts — which dates thousands of years ago.


The theory behind this is, there once were “long-lifed”ancient alien species that went to Earth to mine gold. Why gold? Because gold is a precious metal they use as an ingredient in their “live forever potion.” As in the “tree of life” or “fountain of youth” or “food of the Gods” or “the secret to immortality” or whatever you call it.

Why did they have to travel millions of miles to mine gold? Because (and this is a fact), gold is only made from a supernova. As in an “exploding star.” When a star explodes, it scatters bursts of elements across the universe, and which ever planet it lands on — it turns into gold. (google it)

So finding gold is hard. You have to wait for a star to explode.

And thousands of years ago, the Incas and the Mayans called gold, “tears of the sun.” How the hell did they know gold came from supernovas?!?


So the ancient aliens called, “the Anunnaki race from planet Nibiru” (which is in the same solar system as Earth) — arrived. The discoverer of Earth is called Enki, an alien prince.

Armed with 600 workers (details from Sumerian text), they began to mine gold. But mining was too damn slow, and Enki’s dad (the king) wasn’t pleased. So he sent his other son, Enlil (Enki’s brother) to take over.

And of course, like all brothers, they hated each other. So the great brotherly feud began.


Enki had a brilliant idea! He wanted to create primitive workers! So he and his sister, Ninki, crossbred the dumb ol’ apes (Homo erectus) with Anunnaki! So there, Homo Sapiens were born — in Africa, cradle of civilization and all that.

This was detailed in ancient Sumerian text. As in ancient Sumerian text thousands of years ago — were already talking about genetic manipulation!


This is the theory of the “missing link.” Scientists, researchers are still baffled at the “missing link” in the chain of evolution. Where in, primates were evolving slowly through millions of years — then suddenly, in the span of a short thousand years, primate “brain size” tripled. This was taught in high school — you either weren’t listening, or forgot about it, or cut class. I vouch for the third option.

A “missing link” scientist theorist once said, “If the theory of evolution is so solid and primates evolved — why then… are there still apes and primates?”


And suddenly super structures rose out of nowhere. (Remember, they were primates living in caves, hunter/gatherer kind — they knew nothing about building stuff!).

Pyramids, and kinds of awesome ancient structures rose. Mayans, Incas, Egyptians, Africans, Malaysians, etc. — all those civilizationss never met (most of them) — yet they suddenly became genius engineers building big-ass structures. From caves a couple of years ago — to awesome structures. Who knew?

And what’s with the sudden addiction with gold? In a pinpoint time in history — humans were suddenly addicted to gold. Phew.


But humans were now in the crossfire a brotherly feud. Because Enlil wanted an absolute rule — as in do what you’re told or taste the wrath of God (smite you with a thunderbolt level). Whereas Enki kinda liked his creation and did a freewill and eat from the tree of knowledge thingy.

Enki was the perceived snake in the bible that gave Eve a chance at knowledge — and not just be some moronic-zombie-worker forever. Enlil got pissed and banished Adam and Eve from (his kingdom) “Edin.” They were banished from Edin and Enki clothed them outside.

That’s how you got the “vengeful God” and the “merciful God” in the bible.

Kinda weird when we have freewill yet people got smitten when they did something wrong in the bible, isn’t it?


So when humans started to get smart (through the apple from the tree of knowledge), Enlil caused (or at least did nothing to help with) the great flood. While Enki gave arc blueprints to King Zi-u-sudra — aka Noah. Also helped with the saving of animal species.

And yes, they discovered Noah’s arc years ago (discovery channel).


So the feud continued, in which the brothers’ beliefs clashed. Enlil wanted a “do what the gods say, no questions asked” reign — while Enki wanted a philosophical “rationalize and think for yourself” reign.

Enlil’s people were Moses, Abraham and company. While Enki’s people were the Egyptians and other pyramid makers. Although the Egyptians and co. were perceived as the bad guys in the bible — they had an awesome civilization!

Gold was abundant, and 5,000 years ago, they built a 500 feet high pyramid with blocks up to 80 tons each — in less than 20 years. How the hell did they carry 20-80 tons of building blocks on top of the pyramids, 5,000 years ago? In 20 years? Scientists are still baffled.


The brothers’ war continued. Sodom and Gomorrah and other getting smarter civilizations (including the Sumerians) were A-bomed! Nuclear-ed! — for getting too smart. Enlil needed zombie workers that never complained — he hated humans that “think.”

Sodom, Gomorrah, Sumer and other nearby nations were evolving. They were getting smarter, pertaining more knowledge each day. So Sodom and Gomorrah were framed as bad cities. And got whooped. Where was freewill again?


Enlil intruded with human’s day to day business. That’s how you see God pestering mortals at a daily basis in the Bible. While Enki wanted to give humans a chance. He wanted humans to find their own “consciousness.” So the feud only worsened.

Here’s the critical part. The Anunnaki’s believe thoroughly in star alignments. To settle the feud, the higher ups assigned “shifts” to the brothers. Every end of an age, a new “shift supervisor” in a grocery store we call Earth, is assigned.


At around 600-1,000 BC — the age of Pisces began (Enki’s age). Enki took over the Earth and suddenly — wonderful things happened!

  • God took a “step back” from smiting people that disobey and let humans rule freely for once.
  • Epic “free-thinkers” like Lao-Tzu, Buddha, Confucius and other “free-thinkers” started appearing.
  • The reign of absolute obedience to the gods or else be smitten regime is over.
  • The “gods” that used to appear all the time and pester people suddenly disappeared.

Enki believed in free will and letting humans rule the planet. He gave us what we really needed… a chance.

He believed in us. He believed we could ascend as a species. We ruled the planet for 2,160 years. The age of Pisces lasts for 2,160 years. Then Enki’s reign is over — a new ruler arrives.


The age of Pisces ends approximately in Dec. 21, 2012.


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