3 Lessons Learned from Writing Erotic Stories

If you clicked on this post because of the word “erotic,” that’s fine. But you have to read my story first.

The Story (No. It’s not an erotic one.)


The story


When I first started out freelance writing, I only had a gist of what to expect. I know how to write and I think I can give it a try, I said to myself. You know, earn a little extra on the side so I can buy the things I want.

Well, this is the story of how my entry into the freelance writing arena was highlighted with an… ahem (clears throat) erotic surprise.

If you moonlight around a popular freelance site, you’ll see job posts with headings such as “Erotic Short Story (Adult Content)” on a daily basis. And I’m sure most of you can relate to how we, as newbies, try to apply to almost every possible Hey-I-can-do-that! job post that you hear or read about.

I read novels, sometimes of the erotic nature, too. So I know my way around explicit scenes. I also write fan fiction, which are essentially short stories about borrowed characters.

So to cut the long story short, I applied to three of said job posts and got hired in one… to write five short stories in one week… with a minimum of 2,000 words each.

Well, that job being one of my firsts, I was too ecstatic to worry about the deadline, even if I have an 9-hour day job. I was like, “I’m going to make $100!” I know it may not seem much, but. by. god. I. did. it.

Accomplishing that job led to a few others of the similar nature, and one day I woke up and said, “Holy crap, I’m the next Lori Foster!”

Of course, that’s just the sleep-deprived mind talking. I couldn’t even compare to other freelancers who have been doing this for years! But still, like all other freelance writing experiences, I learned a lot from writing these naughty little stories.


The Lessons (No. These are not bedroom tips.)


(But I like the picture.)

Just do itBeing a newbie, I had that “rookie mindset” in which I felt like I could do anything. Applying for and actually accomplishing a job post revolving around something I’m new at was exhilarating. I’m an introvert so I don’t do things like this… usually.

I think that a few of us, unfortunately, loose this rookie mindset in the long run. Projects become boring or difficult and clients become “too demanding” sometimes, and our passion seems to disappear.

Point: I call it burnout, and it happens to the best of us. Let’s take breather once in a while. We need it.


Reality check. Just like any good writer, I did my research. The thing about writing erotic fiction: It’s not any good when it’s too good to be real.

Like, a woman can’t have nine Big O’s in a row and a guy can’t have a something that long unless you’re writing a paranormal erotic short story (wiggling eyebrows). It’s not just about the erotic stuff, it’s about the love story behind that.

Some things are just impossible.

Point: We all learn that being a freelancer takes more than just skills, it takes commitment and integrity as well. Be honest in what you can do, how long it takes you to do it, and how much you charge.


Staying safe. I’m thankful for the clients who clarify that they do not want themes which are too taboo in nature.

There are some themes that I just can’t write about. One even specified that the characters should use protection. They set limits, and limits are good.

Point: There are limits to what we can do as freelancers, and both client and contractor should know what those limits are. Sometimes, we may deal with clients who hire us as writers, yet expect us to “find the cheapest publishing company in China, and I’ll give you $10.” Seriously? WTF?


It goes without saying that writing erotic short stories is not for everybody.

So be sure that this is the can of worms you want to open when you enter the world of freelance writing. But it is an experience where one can learn a lot of things, the nature of which isn’t just about the birds and the bees.


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Glori is a registered nurse but you can hire her as a freelance writer for your quality content needs. She writes, sometimes sarcastically, about her crazy introvert life on her blog, Crazy Introvert, in the hopes of connecting with other introverts like her. She likes ideas, fiction books, dogs, and life in general.

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  • Dave

    This. is. awesome.

    • http://crazyintrovert.com/ Glori (CrazyIntrovert)

      LOL. Thanks Dave!

  • Tabethjabonillo

    nice one glor..keep up the good work… :)

    • http://crazyintrovert.com/ Glori (CrazyIntrovert)

      haha! Thanks Ate!

  • April

    So what’s the catch about the picture you’ve posted? wehehe…anyway.. I agree with you glor. Sometimes there’s a need for us to do a reality check. We might have the skills that the job requires but do we have the commitment to do what the job demands? Whew!

    • http://crazyintrovert.com/ Glori (CrazyIntrovert)

      Yep! Especially in sensitive work such as this, you have to approach it as an adult and as a pro… And it’s not just about erotic writing, it’s also for other writing jobs as well…

  • Marketingwoman

    Gloria, I want to talk to you about writing some erotica stories for me.
    Contact me please