3 Ways into a Woman’s Heart

Women are mind-boggling. To men, women are erratic, impulsive and confusing.


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Getting inside a woman’s mind (not to mention her heart) can be confusing. But there’s a glimmer of light here. If you follow some simple principles, you might be able to to the amazing… get inside her heart.


Here are 3 ways into a woman’s heart.



This may sound very simple, but “hearing” and “listening” are entirely two different things. Pay attention to her closely and let her know that you care and understand what she’s saying.

Pay attention to the things she enjoys, like her favorite movie, her favorite songs and hobbies. Know the things that makes her happy  and sad, because all of these are clues to what she values most.

Paying attention not just to her words, but also to her body language, is very important. Actions speak louder than words. Pay attention to her silence, it will tell you more about her than any words ever can. She might not express her feelings for you, but her showing of love and care for you, speaks a far more beautiful language than words could ever do.


Make her laugh

Food is the way to a man’s heart, but humor is the way to anybody’s heart! People love funny people! It’s just the way it is. People like other people who makes them laugh. And women enjoy laughing!

Women differ on personality and interests, but, having a great sense of humor always works. Tell her an embarrassing  story if you have to. It really depends on how funny you can be!

But be sure to be sensitive to know when she wants to change gears and be serious. She might want to start talking about her life now. That’s a good opportunity for you to “suggest” where you’ll fit in.


Be honest

Women have internal lie detectors. They do. They know when you’re not confident and are just trying to look cooler than you really are. They know. Trust me.

If you really want to get a woman to take you seriously, just let her know that your intentions are clear and pure. You don’t have to pretend to own a cool car, or have a lot of money, or try to be smarter than you really are… just be honest. That way, a woman can gauge immediately if you can be a part of their lives right now.

They say that women have a sixth sense when being lied to. Maybe it’s a gift. Their extreme “emotions radar” makes them sensitive to the truth. And they don’t tolerate liars. So be honest.

You don’t have to have the coolest cars to get laid, just tell the truth. Let’s say, even then, when telling the truth, your chances are slim. But when you lie and pretend… your chances are ZERO.


In the end, listening, humor, and honesty are the only things you’ll ever need to get into a woman’s heart. It’s that plain and simple.

If a girl doesn’t like you for who you are, just stop. Because if you have to change yourself to attract a girl, then you’re just cheating both yourself and her. It will make you depressed and will eat you from the inside out… and eventually, will blow apart.

So stay true and be cool, okay?




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