4 Excuses Guys Can Use to Lie to Their Girlfriends

Many relationships succeed because there is honest and open communication. But once a guy, or a girl for this matter, starts spewing lies, it is the beginning of the end. Dishonesty begets mistrust.

But sometimes, a white lie or two causes lesser damage than the truth. Here are five excuses guys can use to lie to their girlfriends without getting in trouble.


Excuses guys can use

When asked about weight.

You know you have to either keep your mouth shut or say something positive when a girl asks you about her weight. Most of time, when girls ask their boyfriends questions about weight, they are more likely seeking affirmation rather than an honest answer. Telling a girl she gained weight or that those pair of pants makes her look fat is like asking for a night on the couch.

When asked about her cooking.

Your girlfriends spend five hours toiling in the kitchen preparing your dinner. The appetizer, not to mention the entire course, turned out to be a disaster, taste-wise at least. Have a heart and don’t tell her to “stay away from the kitchen from now on.”

When asked about how she looks.

Most girls take centuries to get ready for a date. And we both know you don’t want to wait that long. So when she asks you how she looks in the seventh dress she modeled for you, it is your duty to convince her she looks like a goddess. Besides, you’re never going to leave the house if you don’t. Your call.

When the answer can cause her so much pain.

Telling your girl in graphic detail how Milo the puppy got hit by truck, got thrown high up in the air, and landed on a pointy fence shows inconsideration on your part. Be kind and don’t make the experience worse than it already is.


The big BUT…

Honesty is still the best policy. It is just a matter of timing. Not telling is almost the same as lying, so when you need to tell your girlfriend a lie, make sure that the situation calls for it.

Guys also have to remember that there are things you shouldn’t even think lying about.

If you don’t know what those are, then don’t even bother finding a girlfriend.


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  • Dave

    great article… but guys shouldn’t lie to their girlfriends when it’s a serious matter. Honesty is still the best in a relationship..

    • http://crazyintrovert.com/ Glori | Crazy Introvert

      Agree! Hmm… that sounds weird coming from a guy but wonderful at the same time! LOL

  • ImTheMan

    hahahah…i can relate to this one :) ) oh well i guess boys will be boys.. :) ) nice article btw.. :)

    • http://glorisurban.com/ Glori Surban

      LOL.. Thanks IMTheMan!

  • ooppss

    ahaha.. yeah, honesty is still the best policy.. so, maybe I will just tell her the truth in a funny way or something..? ^^

    • http://glorisurban.com/ Glori Surban

      That’s up to you… LOL
      Hmm..why are people being so anonymous???