5 Behaviors That Makes You an Office Jerk

Your co-workers secretly hates you. Beneath the fake smiles and pleasantries, they’re mentally noting your screws ups, your messy desk and how loudly or obnoxious your word are.

Obviously, these little annoyances can hurt work relationships and build gaps between co-workers.


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Those little annoyances, like having a really messy work area or being a disgusting desk eater, can loom large.


To avoid hateful judgments from your co-workers, here are 5 behaviors to avoid at work.


1. Sucking up to the boss

The boss’s pet who grovels himself at the expense of his co-workers breeds negative judgments.

For example, there once was an employee who pointed out his co-workers’ mistakes and errors. He made enemies for life.

Whether or not his intentions were good, whether or not he was only trying to correct some work mistakes — Nobody wanted to work with him. Ever again.


Trying to outwork your colleagues, or take too much credit, are also “enemy generators.”

These people are seen as overly self-centered and selfish, therefore they are untrustworthy and difficult to work with.

At a certain point, to go further in your career, you need support from your coworkers, and not just your supervisor.


2. Gossip, Complains and Negativity

The occasional bits of gossip can relieve stress. Too much can breed hate.

Sometimes it’s fun to talk about the boss and other people, but oftentimes, word does get out of hand and you can be seen as a backbiter.

Also, toxic negativity makes people feel like you are not a good co-worker. You know the types, those who always sees the negative aspects in life. People associate negativity with you.

But mostly,  the person who is always complaining is widely disliked.

According to a 2011 linkedin survey, respondents reported that among their co-workers’ bad behaviors, gossiping “ticked them off the most.” Along with texting during meetings, being too loud and leaving a mess.

Employees also are disliked when they interrupt, ignore or belittle coworkers’ ideas.

Those are the kinds of things that people remember for a long time. You are really assaulting the person and belittling them. They see you as a narcissist, and won’t want to interact with you.


3. Messy, Disorganized

Being messy, particularly in shared workspaces, can stress work relationships.

Food that’s left to rot in the refrigerator is really annoying.

According to a recent survey, a majority of respondents said people are most productive when their workspace is clean. Though some view messy desks as a sign of being busy, but most see it as laziness.


4. Poor work-area etiquette

In companies with few doors and lots of shared work areas, etiquette regarding directly to odors and noise is important.

Bringing leftover food in your desk is a no-no. And your co-workers can sense if you didn’t take a bath before going to work.

But a loud mouth may be the top offender. If you need to concentrate and somebody is noisy, it can affect your work. That’s why most people dislike them.


5. Not fitting in

It’s important to fit into a company culture. That can include how you dress, and things you say.

If in meetings, somebody cusses a lot, it becomes unprofessional. And it makes other people uneasy.

There’s also a code of conduct for emails and talking. Make sure that if you disturb other people or take their time away by making them read your 10th email for the day,be sure that each and every thing you say is, or have some sort of importance.

Other wise, people get annoyed. Especially when they’re trying to finish up today’s work and you bother them with unimportant nonesense.

What may seem important to you, may not be as important to others.


Your turn

What is your biggest office pet peeve? 


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