5 Ways to Exercise at Home

Everybody wants to be leaner, fitter and healthier– yet nobody wants to do the work (exercise). But at some point, you’re probably tired of looking at yourself in the mirror and therefore decided to “start exercising.”



But not everybody can afford those expensive gym equipment. And not everybody likes getting trapped with those annually contracted gym membership fees (nor do they have time to go to the gym every day).


Hence, exercising at home is the best solution! Home exercise is the easiest, cheapest (almost free) and most efficient way get lean! This article will describe how to effectively exercise at home.


Unlike gyms (which consume a lot of time on your already busy schedule), you can do home exercises for 30 minutes a day! Come on, you can’t find 30 minutes each day?



You have no more excuses! Here are 5 great exercises you can do at home.


Walking or jogging – This is the best “great weather” exercise. If the weather is nice, then by all means, step outside and soak up all the beauty Mother Nature has to offer.

You might ask about this article’s title on “exercises exclusively for indoors” only, but Mother Nature’s beauty is irresistible! One can’t argue with it, right?

You can schedule daily walks with family or friends, but the most effective way of doing this is, with a dog. Dogs are great walking companions! Borrow a neighbor’s dog if you have to.



Pushups – These are the still the most reliable way to exercise your arms and chest. They are time-tested. These are still the military’s main regimen for upper-body exercises.


Do it incrementally. Start with 20 a day for a week and then add another five after that. Add five pushups each week until you can do 100-150 a day. Your chest and arms will look leaner and fitter!



Crunches – Like pushups, these are the most effective abdominal exercise. Take it slow, don’t force yourself to go all the way up. Halfway is fine for a start, as long as you feel your abdominal muscles are flexing, you’re doing fine.

Start with 30 a day and add 10 each week after that. Continue till you reach 150-300 a day.


Squats – The best legs and buttocks exercise! You can’t just work your upper body and leave your legs left out, your legs are solely responsible for taking you places!

Start with 20 a day and increase it by 5 each week. Do it until you can reach 100 a day (or more, if you’re up to it).


Walking or jogging in place – What’s the difference with “walking or jogging” on the first item, you ask? The answer is, when the weather is bad! When it’s freezing, raining or scorching hot outside, consider walking or jogging in place.

And the main benefit of this is? You can do this in front of the TV! Isn’t that great?


Exercising at home is the best way “not” to get stuck with pesky gym membership fees. It is very time conservative and will benefit us a healthy lifestyle.


Remember, loud music helps with home exercise as it boosts up adrenaline. And if the neighbor complains, use headphones.

Happy exercising!



No time for exercise? Then here are basic workout alternatives you can incorporate in your daily life.

Much easier.



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