7 Ways to Sleep on a Hot Night

There’s nothing worse than twisting, turning and sweating on a hot night’s sleep.

It’s incredibly hot. Tropical temperature is no joke. What’s worse is, the heat doesn’t end at dusk.

You know what they say, “it’s not the heat that kills you, it’s the humidity.”

So even when the sun goes away at dusk, the humidity stays till like 2am. And by then, you’d have been twisting and turning all night long. Except if you have air conditioning. Lucky you.

I have air conditioning. But that doesn’t mean I don’t scream when the electric bill comes in.

Anyway, since the AC in the room is old, and electricity prices are staggering, I need to add supplementary “cooling procedures.”


Here are 7 ways to sleep better on a hot night (by ‘hot night,’ I mean ‘every night’).


1. The towel around the neck method.

  • Wet a towel and place it in the freezer.
  • Take it out and put in plastic bag.
  • Put a dry towel around it and mold it to the shape of your neck.
  • place it around your neck and have a better night’s sleep!

You can also put wet washcloths around your wrists.

These methods cool your blood as it circulates (areas where they take your pulse rate)


2. The fake A/C technique.

  • Get a bucket of ice.
  • Put the ice into a wide, shallow container (to contain the water as the ice melts).
  • Place the container of ice in front of the fan (between you and the fan).
  • The ice-cooled air will be so soothing that you should have no problem falling asleep.


3. Fake A/C technique 2.

The ice towel method.

  • Hang a wet towel with ice cubes inside, unto two chairs.
  • Point the fan at the towel and you in bed.
  • The wet towel and the melting ice will chill as the fan blows that cold air on you.
  • Place a container under the towel to catch the melting ice water.
  • You can use a thread to connect the towel with the container to avoid the annoying dripping sound.


4. The “Egyptian Method.”

  • Wet a sheet or bath towel with cold water, and squeeze it until the sheet is damp but not dripping wet.
  • Place the dry towel or sheet on your bed underneath your body.
  • The damp blanket will keep you cool and if you add a fan at the foot of your bed, the cooling effect will be even better.
  • During an extreme heat wave, take a light t-shirt, wet it, squeeze it out and wear it.
  • Evaporation from the shirt will help to keep you cool enough to sleep for a few hours. This is a very simple and environment friendly method of staying cool.


5. The “Sock-gyptian Method.”

Take a pair of cotton socks, rinse them in cold water, wring them until they are damp and put them on.

Cooling your feet lowers the overall temperature of your skin and body.


6. The towel on the forehead method.

Dampen a hand towel and lie in bed with it on your forehead. Turn it over and dampen again when needed.


7. Bring a soft ice pack to bed.

You can buy “sinus packs” or “thermal sleeves” in most grocery stores.

Slip a cold sinus pack under your neck or a cold thermal sleeve over your arm. Cooling down the back of your neck helps cool the rest of your body down as well.



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