8 Reasons Why You Need to Meditate

Life is hard. That’s why so many people shy away and hide inside their comfort zones their whole lives.


Life is hard...


They are afraid of pain, suffering and failures that come along with life. But meditation can ease that pain.

Meditation is the art of self-realization. It leads you into a state of consciousness that brings clarity and serenity.



Our lives today are clouded. Too much clutter distracts us from focusing on the more important aspects of life (like love, family and friends).

To meditate is to know one’s self and see things more clearly in life. So if you ever find yourself stressed, confused or in pain— meditation is the perfect solution for you!


Here are the top eight reasons why you need to meditate.

  1. It makes you concentrate on the current issues of your life and gives you a sense of having more time to deal with it.
  2. It makes you more focused.
  3. It balances your energy and your chakras (energy centers).
  4. It strengthens concentration and self-awareness.
  5. It makes you calmer and more relaxed.
  6. It eliminates mental clutter and shows you the more important aspects in life.
  7. It helps you to be more open to yourself and to the world.
  8. The greater your self-awareness is, the more you find your “natural self.”


How to meditate.

There are many variations in meditation but let’s focus on the easiest way, and that is “Zen meditation.”

To do Zen meditation, you need to sit straight up, close your eyes and concentrate on a specific part of your body (usually your belly).


The lotus position...


Your belly is your biggest energy center. The easiest way to transient into a peaceful state of consciousness is to concentrate on your belly and visualize your “chakra” or energy center, spin into a beautiful vortex.

It will be inevitable that thoughts come up. Nothing wrong with that, thoughts aren’t bad; they are natural. Except when there are so many. Then it clouds you from seeing what is really important and what is not. When you notice you’ve drifted away, just gently return to your main point of concentration.


It is important to stay relaxed. You don’t have to work hard to exclude everything; it’s okay to focus on your body and/or breathing at the same time.

You can meditate sitting in a chair, but it is more effective to sit in a lotus position (legs crossed in a cushion, with legs folded and heels facing upwards— like the photo above). But it is not uncommon for people to meditate on their cubicle chairs every day.


You can clasp your hands together or put them palms up on your knees or lap. If you prefer them together, position them on top of each other, palms up, with the left hand on the bottom with its palm touching the back of the fingers of the right hand.


People meditate for 15-30 minutes, once or twice a day. It is recommended to meditate at least 15 minutes a day. Having a timer by your side is okay, but it tempts you to open your eyes check the time. A low volume alarm clock is better, just relax and wait for the soft alarm to go off when your 15-30 minutes is up.


Meditation will radically change your life and give it the much needed peace you’ve been wanting for so long. Go ahead, try it.




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