8 SureFire Ways to Relieve Stress

Stress is a drag. It deteriorates bodies and fatigues our minds. And not to mention, it causes us to grow old faster. Stress is bad!

This article will discuss various ways on how to relieve stress.



Back in the days (the really, really old days), stress was good. Yes, you read that right, stress was good for our body. When we experience stress, our bodies release chemicals into our blood that causes us to have more energy and strength. That’s our human defense mechanism to physical danger.

Thus in the olden days, when our cavemen forefathers where being chased by lions or our medieval knight ancestors were being attacked by barbarian hordes, stress increased their strength, agility and stamina for their fight or flight response.


But that was then, when physical danger was real. Now, in the modern era, stress is mostly caused from an emotional level. In which, there are no outlets for the extra strength and energy– they get pent up.


When we are physically threatened and have an extra boost of energy from stress, we run or we fight. Whichever fate we choose, we expend that extra energy. But that is solely from physical factors.

When an emotional factor causes us stress, we don’t fight or flight— we do nothing. Like when your boss yells at you, he causes extreme stress– but what do you do? Nothing. You lower your head and go back to your cubicle. And all these extra energy that your body just released, get pent up.



You eventually explode. Like a balloon getting overfilled with air, your body does the same thing. It can only hold so much pent up energy.

This is how stress affects us in a negative way. This is how stress got a bad rap in the modern era. Stress is good from physical factors, but bad from emotional or mental factors.



The good news is, you happen to read this awesome article! Here are eight great ways to recover from stress.


1. Exercise

Exercise is the best way to release yourself from all those pent up energy. You have so much energy trapped inside your body, therefore, release it.


2. Park yourself

Understandably, years upon years of stress took a toll to your body; your body is not up for most physical activities anymore. Therefore, walk or hang out somewhere.

Go to a nice park. Take a stroll for a bit and immerse yourself in the beauty of Mother Nature. Seeing other people relaxing and having fun will get you in a relaxing mood too.


3. Tune out

Compile your favorite tunes, lie down on the couch, close your eyes and relax. This doesn’t take much time too. 15 minutes a day is all you need. This is the modern form of meditation.


4. Bury yourself in a fun book

Zone out in a park, couch, beach or coffee house, and then immerse yourself in a good book. There is nothing more relaxing than completely zoning out in your imaginary book world.


5. Catch up

Connect to an old friend, family or colleague. Catch up. See what’s going on. Give a call, or in this great era of social networking, chat it up!

Sharing what’s going on with your life lately (or hearing someone else’s life) is a great form of escape. It will make you forget about your stresses and it always feels good to catch up with people we haven’t talked to in a while.


6. Treat yourself

Get a massage to target those pressure points to relieve pent up energy. Or get an ergonomic pillow, or get a backrub from your spouse. A massaging foot bath works too. But remember, don’t overspend, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Get pedicure if you’re girl, watch sports or play pool if you’re a guy.


7. Soak up

A good bubble bath surrounded by loads of aroma therapy from scented candles is heaven on Earth. But a day in the pool or beach with your family is super fun too!


8. Family Dinner

Research shows that family bonding over the dinner table is a very effective way to release stress. Family members talking to each other about their day over a healthy dinner, releases pent up energy and reinforce an already strong bond within the family.


Remember, other “negative” stress relievers such as binge eating, smoking and drinking are depressants. They temporarily relieve stress, but cause long-term depression.




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