A Day to Remember

October 23, 2011 — 5:19 pm


It’s already been nine hours since those two things happened to me- two wonderful things that I will forever treasure in my heart and will endlessly replay inside my head.


Nine hours earlier, I was so frustrated about what to wear to mass. I was getting late but I still insisted on trying out several outfits. I finally decided to wear the one that I wore when I went out with my friends in high school last Tuesday which was a blue blouse under a crisp white button down shirt over skinny jeans and back sandals. It was perfect, not too girly, not too tomboy. It’s okay.

I really wanted to look my best in case I see the guy whom I missed for several months now and who’s one of the most important persons in my life. But don’t get me wrong. Our Lord was still my main purpose in going to church. Seeing him still only remains a bonus.


Anyways, I went to church after getting ready. When I arrived, every seat was full so I just stood in the corner. I turned my head towards the direction where he and his family usually enter. For a second, I was a bit disappointed because he was not there and so was his family. So instead, I just focused on the mass.


I was enjoying the sermon of the funny priest when I caught him, quickly sitting beside the servers. He came in late but not a lot of people noticed that. My heart suddenly raced as if on cue. He is the only one that does that to me. It’s like he casted a spell on me or something.

I tried to listen to the priest but I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. He was wearing a long white uniform, called a “sutana”, that seminary boys like him wear when serving mass. He really looked good in his uniform. No. even the word good is an understatement. His hair was cropped short at the back and the sides but he still looked cute. He is the type of person that looks dashing without even exerting effort. Gosh! He was so handsome. He really changed a lot but he’s still the same guy that I fancy.


Feeling contented of seeing him, I brought my attention again to the sermon. It was so funny that I kept laughing the whole time. And then as if the priest knew what I felt at that moment, he said,“Di ba mga higala, magpagwapa man ta ug magpagwapo basta makakita ta sa atong mga crush or sa atong mga uyab or bisag sa atong mga asawa ug bana?” (We really want to look nice and beautiful or handsome whenever we see our crush or spouse, don’t we friends?) I really smiled upon hearing that.

I looked at him with deep analyzing eyes. He really looked like he’s enjoying what he’s doing. He was constantly smiling as he bows to the altar and do stuff for the officiating priest. I don’t know but it seems as if everything he does is so perfect. He makes it so…I don’t know. I couldn’t even find the words to describe it. Maybe this is what it feels like when you see a person who’s important to you in a special way. You lose your words. And then, there was a time that he looked towards my direction. I quickly fixed my gaze at the priest. I hope he didn’t catch me staring at him. I might sound a little bit assuming but I don’t care. HAHAHAHAHA!


Time flew fast and before I knew it, it was already time for communion. The lay ministers, the nuns, the altar servers and the seminarians were already lining up beside the priest to receive their communion. At that moment, I couldn’t understand what I was feeling. I was both excited and nervous. I was feeling that way because I was certain that he was going to give the communion.

And when I was busy being nervous and excited, I saw him striding towards the wing where I was standing at. I felt a loud thumping and fast beating in my chest. For a second or two, I couldn’t move. It was like my feet were glued to the floor. And then finally, I gathered up my courage and lined in the queue to get my communion from him. I know it’s silly but I was smiling like an idiot while waiting in line for my turn. My palms were sweating profusely. I also couldn’t seem to make up my mind whether to receive the Holy Body with my hands or to take it directly with my mouth. My mind was busy thinking about what to do when I came up to him. And then, people before me were disappearing one by one and before I knew it, it was already my turn to receive the Holy Body of Christ.


“Body of Christ,” he said in his deep voice that’s so familiar to me and is like music to my ears. Then, I smiled a bit again but I tried to control myself. I couldn’t afford to get myself embarrassed in front of him. So instead, I just said with a soft voice that was almost inaudible, “Amen.”

After that, I couldn’t stop from smiling. That was the closest I got from actually talking to him, which of course I couldn’t do considering the fact that we don’t know each other well. Anyways, I couldn’t stop from smiling because I just couldn’t. Well, if you were in my shoes, would you not keep from smiling? I mean, I just received the Holy Body of Christ from the guy who happened to be the one I’ve always dreamt of. It was enough to keep me smiling for the rest of the day. I was just given the chance to look into his dark eyes, hear his majestic voice once again and smile at him.


The whole thing was almost magical. The way he spoke to me in his tender voice was just so…dreamy. And during the moment that his soft hands slightly touched my lips, I felt like I was touched by an angel. Plus, that smile of his was one of those that could easily melt your heart. I say to you, he is the most amazing guy I’ve ever met. He could do things to me without even knowing it. He just does things to me like no one else could.


Till now, it still amazes me that no matter how many guys I actually have a crush on, I still come running back to him and to my memories of him. No amount of hours that I spend with some other guy could compare to just a couple of minutes of seeing him. This may, again, sound funny but I actually think that the “kilig” factor that Kathryn feels whenever she sees Daniel could not amount to the “kilig” factor I feel whenever I get just a glimpse of him.  He is that special to me. No one could just replace him in my heart. That just sounded cheesy but again, I don’t care.


I know that time will pass and before we both know it, we’ll be back to our respective schools- me to a known state university in the country and him to a seminary in Bohol. But even though I’ll be miles apart from him, no one could stop me from thinking of him. No sea can keep me away from him.


You know, I haven’t stopped thinking about him since that moment. I spent the whole afternoon just thinking about where he was or what he’s doing and the moment earlier this morning just kept on playing in my head. I guess, I just care about him that much.

He doesn’t know me yet, I think, but that doesn’t stop me from believing that someday he actually would. I don’t know if he really wants to be a priest or not but just like what my dad said to me, “Naa pa nay chance day basta wala pa ga-misa.” (Till he already officiates a mass, you’ll still have a chance.)


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  • Dave

    Awesome. Great job!

    • kidlat

      thank you! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000834551569 Ziobix Campo

    ahh…pariunon man imung mga crush kyoks ui!

    • kidlat

      lge zi.saon ta man.hehehe