A Dog Saved my Life

Feel lonely? Sad? Depressed? Alone? — Then I have a perfect solution for you! Get a companion!

And yes, we all know there’s only one loyal companion for us, right? Yes… it’s a dog. Cats don’t count (sorry), they are user friendly creatures. Sorry again.


The best investment in my whole life was buying a dog. It was worth the money. It saved me a lot of lonesome, lonesome nights.

Back when I was in my quarter life crisis, the only thing that kept me sane was my princess Shih-Tzu, “Dip.” Dip was amazing, she was always jumping excitedly whenever I get home — she made me feel welcome, she completely cured my loneliness. But besides the fact that she has an ‘attitude’ — she was always happy to see me home.


My life was crap back then. My job sucked, my boss was abusive, and I lived in an old, broken down condo. I was alone, single (my ex boyfriend was a jerk), and lonely.

It was my bestfriend who introduced me to dogs. She belonged to a ‘dog lover’ family, so naturally, they have a bunch of cute, furry toy dogs in the house.

I was jealous. My bestfriend, Estrella, always had a bunch of furry little creatures welcoming her home. On the other hand, I went home to a lonely, empty condo. That was unfair!


So it was decided — I was to get a dog. I searched a bunch of classified ads, and I found a Shih Tzu for sale. Hmm… this looks perfect. And cheaper than normal too. Princess type Tzu(s) could go for a whopping P20,000. But this one was less than 10k.

“What’s wrong with it?” I wondered.

But I cringed my hands, put all doubts and worries aside, and cashed my life savings — besides all sense of nagging fear and doubt.


So I went to the seller’s place in Makati. “What’s wrong with it?” I asked the owner. “Why so cheap?”

“Nothing,” said the guy. “It’s just that there’s so many, we can’t take care of all of them anymore.”

Which was true. The owner lived in a big house and it doesn’t look like they needed money. And true with the dogs too, there must’ve been a dozen furry Shih Tzu(s) running around the house. Plus a bunch of new pups too.

This was legit. There’s nothing wrong with the pups, and the price was perfect for me. “I’ll have that one!” I pointed to a pup looking at me with big cuddly eyes. She wasn’t running around and wrecking the boxes like the other pups, she was just sitting there, looking at me the whole time. I fell in love with her instantly.

Little did I know, this was going to be my companion for life.


I can’t live without cute little Dip. She made me smile during those teary, lonely nights. Dogs are therapeutic. I go home everyday broken… stressed and abused from my day job as a receptionist with a boss from hell. But Dip absorbed all my stresses, my worries, my breakdowns everyday. She took it all.

Little does anyone know that dogs have the ability to absorb stress. That’s how humans fall in love with them. And their “stress absorbing abilities” are worth more than money.

I was depressed, alone, broken, slouched, bitter… and I had some messed up thoughts of me committing suicide. Yes, it got that bad. I don’t know what would have happened to me if Dip didn’t save me from those miserable days.

A dog cured all that? Wow. They really are man’s best friend, and I hope everyone realizes the power, loyalty and ability dogs have to change your life.


Take a gander. Will a leap of faith. Take a chance… Get a dog.  However though, take it seriously. This is not just some pet — this is a life. This is a 10 year commitment to a loving furry family member.

But I promise you though — raising a dog… will change your life.



Princess Dip



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