Apple to Buy a whole Country

Apple Republic, a new Country.

The Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California is huge. The offices were all lined with very tall and wide panel glasses as is the case in every apple store.

On his usual jeans and turtle neck shirt he is busy typing a code. He’s not sure what program it is or is it feasible at all?

He is researching all the big corporations in Africa. He is very keen to know the geopolitical status of Africa and he stumbled upon a small and autocratic government of the Equatorial Guinea. This is exactly what he had in mind, small, poor, and in turmoil and ripe for a takeover like the recent Arab uprisings.


He learned that the US government is freezing the assets of the heir apparent to the present leader. It’s a fact that the young heir is flaunting excessive riches. Rumors has been circulating that he is bankrolling the building of a mega yacht which cost about 300 million dollars — Which for an impoverished country like Equatorial Guinea is unfathomable.


In the back of his mind this country is suited for his grand plan of buying a country for apple which he called temporarily as “Apple Republic.”


The project will start with huge investment in IT infrastructure to the small country. With about half the 80billion dollars of apple in disposable cash millions of it will go to lobbying in Washington for the freezing of all assets of the present leader. With the billions of dollars in investment it will lead a coup and grab power and put up a puppet government. It will still be run by indigenous people but the decisions will be made in Cupertino, run electronically via the latest technologies in information technology.


This small country will turn to be a powerhouse in electronics research and production. It will gradually change farms to factories for semi-conductors and chips. With its centrally located coastline it will be a major stop for big ships carrying new state of the art mobile communications.


It will have its own broadband spectrum and without limits. It will create experimental wireless and wired Internet connections. Speeds will be tested to its limits. With unlimited young unemployed workers from the tiny nation itself and nearby Cameroon and Gabon. Also the not far away Congo and populous Nigeria, workforce would not be a problem.


Education and training will be heavily subsidized for citizens. Multinational companies will be invited to put up offices in the country. Banks will be provided incentives in setting up branches. Embassies will be provided free office blocks. Security will be sourced through big companies like g4s of the United Kingdom. Consultants will be invited from India and china. Engineers from Brazil and japan will be enticed. Electricity will be generated by solar power and the vast oil reserve of Nigeria will be tapped.


As time goes by English will be introduced as the main language in addition to Spanish and Portuguese language already spoken. An apple currency will be printed but already embedded with chips for future use. To pacify the UMA or the united nations of Africa, investments will also be made to benefit them like the deployment of continental wide free internet connection. A cheap iPad will be available to all the citizens of the new country. Every transaction will be made in part electronically where possible.


With the less than 700,000 population a 1000dollars each will be given to all citizens to jumpstart the economy. Of course there will always be diehard nationalist who wants out. They will be offered generous sums to self-exile and are free to comeback anytime. Students’ activism will be controlled by the heavily subsidized educational system.


The citizens will enjoy modern gadgets, early education will be free and a national health service will be provided. It will be an economic free zone where trade and commerce will be free like honking. Patents will be enforced liberally and will rival South Korea in electronics production.


A special invitation will be given to Intel and arm to have production centers in the country as is Microsoft and Sony. Google of course will have an exclusive privilege to have a research and development center in one of the islands. Samsung will be intentionally left out of the country as they might copy patents. A special bilateral agreements will be drafted to take into account individual country’s needs. The new country is envisioned to be like Taiwan in terms of economic might and stronger than Greece’s.


This was a document in one of the files of Steve Jobs found after he died titled “Apple republic.”


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