Apple Won Lawsuit: Samsung to Pay 1 Billion

After a year of thorough investigation, the jury finally decided that Samsung is guilty of ripping off the framework behind Apple’s revolutionary iPhone and iPad. This means that Samsung has to pay off Apple for as much as $1.05 billion for that act of breach yet Samsung is still expected to make their appeal on that.



In April 2011 together with the force of the country’s lead patent lawyers, Apple filed their patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung. The leading smartphone company demanded their top competitor $2.5 billion but then a total worth of $399 million was demanded by Samsung when they filed their counterpart complain not long after Apple’s first move.

But then, after all the things that came in between the verdict turned out to be on Apple’s side. All of the allegations coming from Samsung were overruled by the judge and the jurors as well. They have considered a few of charges for Apple involving the issue running through two dozens of Samsung devices resulting in the abatement of Apple’s initial demand.



At the course of the investigation, the jury found out that a number of electronic devices from Samsung, illegally used various features like image bounce-back features and zooming ability with a tap, which are basically from Apple.

Apart from the financial account demanded from Samsung, the company was directed by legal panels to pull their leading mobile devices like smartphones and computer tablets out of the U.S. market. Further rulings about this specific legal action is said to be handled by a magistrate in the latter.

But this is not the end of the story. Deliberations on some inconsistencies involving the amount of damages and infringement concerns of those devices from Samsung are still going on up to this time.



According to Apple’s lawyer, Harold McElhinny, Samsung had some sort of crisis design right after the release of iPhone and that the top level management of their number one rival in the mobile arena was so into illegally cashing in on the significant triumph of the said electronic device.

In Samsung’s defense, their own version of smartphones with big screen is their way of fulfilling the needs of the market. In addition to that, their company didn’t encroach upon the patents owned by Apple and any other claims against them are just formulated by their competing parties.

Samsung has been going neck to neck with the biggest smartphone manufacturer and in one way or another, has taken over Apple in their category.

Android, the operating system that runs through several units of mobile phones from Samsung including the Samsung Galaxy series were freely given out to them as well as to other mobile device manufacturers by Google.



Samsung approved the fact that Apple manufactures a great line of mobile products, however, a monopoly on rectangular phones with round corners is not applied.

By the time Google verged into the smartphone industry, its CEO, Eric Schmidt, was under Apple, hence, created a rage on Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder. He then considered such case an obvious swizz on the technology behind iPhone.

Jobs, fumingly vowed that there will be a “thermonuclear war” between the companies with the aim of destroying Schmidt’s Android and all of its associates.

The trial started off with the whiteout of lawsuits and the refusal of advisories by Judge Lucy Koh from U.S District to have complains settled out of court. Further discussions on allegations from each side are to be handled by a panel consists of 2 women and 7 men.

Samsung and Apple’s accumulated sales comprise more than half of the total sales in the smartphone industry in the whole world. Those electronic devices from Samsung peddled a bunch of $22.7 million in the market for the year and $8.16 billion since June 2010



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