Being Pregnant While Unemployed

I am pregnant and unemployed. Sounds scary right? It really is! I never planned to get pregnant without a job. I consider it as an injustice to bring an innocent life into this world without having a way to provide the best things that life can possibly offer to my child.

Because of this, I was filled with all the possible negative thoughts and emotions the moment I realized I was pregnant. Despite of it all, getting rid of the baby was never an option. Besides, I am a Filipino and abortion is not acceptable. Aside from that, I am supposed to be resilient as a Filipino right? Even pedicab drivers can raise a family with 10 kids. And how much are they getting? Just around 5 pesos per passenger and maybe a net income of 250 pesos a day? So I guess my situation is not so bleak anyway.

This is my first child and I have a responsible husband who is trying his best to provide for us. So hopefully, we can survive! The moment I thought about this, I decided to get rid of all my anxieties, worries and fears and enjoy the ride. Yes, I am pregnant and unemployed, but certain perks come with it.

  • I am glad to be able to indulge in sleep. I used to work in a job that required lots of travel. I remember sleeping for only 5 hours a night and feel completely okay the next morning. But, since I became pregnant, sleep is like water. I think I need it to survive. Fortunately, I do not have work which gives me the chance to sleep up to 10 hours daily.
  • I have plenty of time to do things for the betterment of my pregnancy. At the moment, I am spending one hour a day for exercise, 30 minutes to read pregnancy related books, 10 minutes for my baby journal and 10 minutes to pray for my baby. Total all these minutes and hours and I am spending around 2 hours daily just for my baby. Some of you might say that you can still do this even if you have work. Maybe you can. But, consider the fact that your pregnancy alone is tiring. How much more if you spend an additional 8 or 12 hours at work? Do you think you can still insert all these activities to your schedule?
  • I have the liberty of “entertaining” my morning sickness. So far, this is the part of pregnancy that I hate and dread. I cannot imagine being at work feeling nauseated and running to the restroom several times during the day just to vomit. It will not only be a hassle, it will surely be embarrassing. But, thanks to my lack of job, I can welcome it and get through it with poise. I can stay at home, throw up at the comforts of my own bathroom and keep the bad experience to myself.
  • Lastly, everything seems to be free. I get free food and free gifts. Well maybe, employed or not, this is a benefit of all pregnant women. But, since I do not have work, everyone seems to sympathize with my situation and just want to offer me and my baby anything they can. If I crave for anything, I don’t have to spend for it since I have no means to afford it. Thus, everything I get is sort of a treat.

Getting pregnant while unemployed is surely not a perfect scenario. But, I am certain that this is a temporary period in my life. I’m quite sure that once I see my baby, I will have 200 times the motivation to work so I can give the almost perfect life that I have always dreamt for my child. Besides, my lack of work right now is more of a circumstance rather than a choice. At the moment, I just want to focus on the good things rather than the bad so I can feed my baby with positive feelings and thoughts.

So for all the soon to be mothers out there who are in the same boat as I am, do not dwell on your worries at this time. Look at the perks that your pregnancy is giving you and be thankful for them. Enjoy them while they last…


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