Break Out of Your Prison

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We all live in prisons. We’ve been building a prison for ourselves — all our lives. Whether we’d like to believe it or not.


Life used to be good. When our parents did all the work and we just lived carefree and all there is to life is to have fun.

That’s it! That’s our main job! Our parents produced money, and we’d take it. We’d go spend it on every stupid stuff we see and eventually find ourselves broke… then ask for more money.


Those were the days. We were immortals! How nice would it be if it lasted forever.

But now… when it’s our time to raise our own family — we panic. We go to a deep, depressing quarter life crisis and we panic!

We need to think about getting a job, pay bills, buy milk and diapers, pay taxes, mortgages, car loans, etc. And! Not to mention waking up at night for the crying baby.


This is reality now. Our wives depend on us, that helpless baby depend on you to break your back working so he could have a bottle of milk tonight. That loving dog, panting and waiting for his master to come home so he can have his share of cheap doggy food and some leftover scraps. That loving wife, ever so loyal, patting you on the back, assuring you that you are doing a good job…

Every one of those depend on you.


If (God forbid), something happens to you — then you’ve screwed them. And you are afraid to screw them. What are they gonna do? How the hell are they going to survive? If the wife finds work, who the hell takes care of the kids? Hire a nanny? Where the hell are you gonna get money to pay the nanny? Not to mention all the anger issues kids have growing up without their mommies. Mommies after all, are the homemakers.

Ever wonder how kids who grow up with their dads turned out to be slobs? They’re tough inside though, and they worry less. But we all need our mommies when we’re growing up. We need “homemakers” in our homes.


Here’s the wonder of life… we’ve secretly known this was gonna happen. Yes, even when we’re still kids. We secretly know that we have to grown up someday, face responsibilities and have to go through some sort of change. Or panic ritual as I call it.

Point it, our brains secretly wove safety nets for crisis times. Whether be it financial crisis, health problems, natural disasters — we all have safety nets for that!

But sadly, those are all false, poorly made safety nets. These are all just false security to make ourselves feel better. But in reality, all it did was imprison us.


So what kind of false safety nets have our brains built so far?

1. Money.

When we have it, we are immortals! We can do anything! We can have anything — it’s a rush! WE’RE SAFE!

People think we’re smart… WE think we’re smart. But when we lose it, our whole world crumbles and we feel worse than death.

Our brains programmed us to produce as much money as we can so we’d always feel “safe.”


2. Spouses.

That loving partner (or not). Till death do us part. That partner who shares the bills, takes care of the kids, shares the chores. A good work/living relationship, isn’t it?

But what happens if we lose them? (Maybe a divorce or they suddenly became useless and not help with the money making)

When we’re alone (again), we crumble and cry in agony. Now we have to do everything… alone. We need to pay that expensive house all by ourselves, we have to raise the kids all by ourselves (and kids are expensive), we have to produce all the money making activity that our world requires.

And that’s not good.


3. Work safety.

We spend and spend and spend. Because as long as we have this job, as long as the paychecks come in — we’re safe. It has the illusion that it will last forever… but it doesn’t. It usually doesn’t.

No job is safe, no work is forever.

There’s this guy who’s worked in GM for 34 years. He used to brag how GM (the biggest car company in world), is invincible. He is set for life.

Then GM went bankrupt.

He lost his house, car, pension and went broke. He now works as a security guard in a mall.

If one thing this recession taught us, no company lasts forever. No corporation is secure.


4. Religion.

We all turn to religion in times of need.

When we’re on top of the world, we pat ourselves in the back and congratulate ourselves for doing it all on our OWN. But when things go haywire, we all turn to religion.

Our lives turned to chaos. We are all alone. Everybody ditched us. We have no friend left except God. And that’s where religion comes in. We made/used religion as a direct phone call to God.

We don’t need religion or priests to talk to God, we can do it ourselves. Being born, we already have a direct line to God.

But having a religion makes us feel better. And not to mention the peer pressure of people forcing us to choose a religion.

But here’s the kicker. Who do we believe? The catholic forcing you to turn into one of them or go to hell? The Buddhist preaching about enlightenment? Or the Muslim next door?

It all depends where you come from. If you’re from the Philippines, you’d think Catholic is the best religion. If you’re somewhere in Asia, you’d think Buddhist is the way to go. Or Islam is the only religion that matters if you’re somewhere else. Or Jewish. Or Christianity. Depending on where you grew up, you’d think YOUR religion is the best.

But these are all just safety nets. You have a direct line to God, you don’t need a priest or pastor or a temple master to act as a middle man. Find a peaceful place, clear your mind and pray. Just pray. You don’t need anybody else, just yourself.

Oh, and meditate too. Praying is asking while meditating is listening. Meditation will change your life in ways you wouldn’t expect. If you’re asking for answers, then God is only waiting for you to listen.


5. Family.

Blood lasts forever, right?

No matter how strong your clan is, family bonds will eventually get thinner and thinner. Your brothers, sisters, cousins will soon have their own families and will have less time for you. Your parents, uncles and aunts will soon grow too old to take care of you. Your kids will soon grow old and have their own families.

You will be left where you started. Alone.

Keep family bonds for as long as you can, but understand also that times change and they soon will have all their time and energy consumed by their own lives and families.


6. Place.

We have established ourselves in our own town, city, country. We’ve worked hard, we’ve busted our asses to get where we are. We have become a strong family. We have an established name. And everybody knows us. We’ve made ourselves feel better. Feel safe.

But it doesn’t matter where we live. In the moment of disaster, will your fellow citizens help you out? Nope. They will save their own loved ones first and will only help you if they have time.

We love our place, our birth homes, our roots. But we need to fend for ourselves too.


7. Social Connections.

That business partner, that friend, that colleague, that coworker, that acquaintance, that son of a friend of a wife of a brother’s coworker. Those are all your connections. Your network.

And not to mention all those facebook friends you’ve never even met.

It’s good to be connected. It’s nice to have a big network.

But remember, when some tragedy strikes, you’ll still be left all alone.


These are all just false safety nets we’ve built all our lives to make ourselves feel better. But it imprisoned us in the process.

- We can never leave our town because our jobs are there… and if we lose our jobs then we lose money. So we’ve imprisoned ourselves in this crummy town.

- We can’t leave our neighborhoods because our families and relatives are there. We’d sure like to move somewhere nice, but what can you do? Family is here. Blood lasts forever, right? You’re stuck here now.

- Religion, place, connections, reputations, comfort zones get us stuck in one place forever. We’d sure like to pursue our dream job or move to our dream place but we can’t. Because we’ve built so many safety nets, it tangled and  imprisoned us in the process.


But we never really needed all those to make ourselves feel better. We never needed to bust our asses to find money, a secure job, a family that sticks forever, a great place, thousands of connections… When all we really need is ourselves. Just ourselves alone.


We don’t need anything or anybody else, we are strong on our own.

- Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Don’t depend everything on your job. It won’t last. When your company goes down, find another job. You’re strong. Or better yet, follow your dreams.

- When friends and family slowly disappear, make new ones. Life is made up of people we meet and how we made an impact in their lives.

- When you begin to question your religion, remember, you don’t need one. You have a direct line to God. God is all you need.

- Don’t break your head when money goes sour. If you’ve trained yourself the right way, then you’re strong, money will find you if you follow your dreams.


We all want lots of money, a wife that wants to have sex every night, family and friends that will never leave, a nice corporate job, millions of connections, blah, blah. But all those are just false safety nets.

When everything falls and crumbles down, when all your thin safety nets rips apart… you will go through so much pain and agony only to realize… the TRUTH.

The truth that you never really needed those safety nets. We look at ourselves and discover we have wings. We always had wings. But we chose to be grounded anyway.


But this time… this time we spread our wings. We break out of prison. And we fly free forever.



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