Bullies are Jerks, but they get all the Sympathy.

Back in school, kids would tease me, taunt me and embarrass me in public. But you know what? When you finally get fed up and start fighting for yourself… those damn jerks still get all the sympathy.


I would get fed up, snap and beat them up.

But here’s the wonderful thing, they’d all get their “sick puppy” look going and get all the sympathy for getting beaten up! And everybody would now call me “the jerk!” Seriously? All those months of abuse and I finally stood up for myself and I became “the” asshole?


That’s society for yah. Narrow-minded weasels who forgot to turn on their “brain processing units” (BPU).

Here’s the thing. Those idiots who sympathized with bullies and called you a jerk? They’re the real assholes. They knew what was going on. They knew who the “abusers” were and who the “abusee” was. But by the time you finally stood up for yourself (and felt good about it too) — they called you a jerk.

But who cares, nobody taunts me anymore. Now, with just a little hint of taunting, and I’d go karate on their asses (MMA wasn’t famous back then).


Fast forward 10 years later. We’re still in school — a school called “work.” We are employed (I hope we are), we have co-workers. Bullies come in all shapes and sizes — co-workers and bosses. Especially abusive bosses — they suck. They suck big-time. Stay away from them.

The rules have changed a little bit. No more detentions, or grades — you either keep working and bend to their will or get fired. Solution? Simple, while still working on your abusive job, spend all your free time finding a new job (you’ll find it eventually). Or better yet, find the thing you always loved to do, and figure out a way to make money off it!

But stay away from bullies. Because the only real result is… you’ll eventually get fed up, fight back, then get persecuted for it (fired). So if your workplace is getting toxic — move on, have an exit plan.


To the bullied:

Stay strong. Stand up. Stand up and fight. Don’t give a damn what others think. Those people who stood by and watch you get abused everyday? They’re bigger assholes than the bullies themselves.

Here’s a truth: nobody will help you. Nobody. People will watch you suffer, crumble and die. They won’t give a shit. They’re too busy worrying about their own lives to give a crap about you.


It’s all you, no one else.


Quote from sucker punch: “You have all the weapons you need, now go and fight!”


Dean Castro

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