Cars and Kids — They Don’t Go Together!

Our youngest sibling, Nathan, just turned 16. And he finally got what he’s been waiting for his whole life… a car (‘used’ of course) — that brat!!

kinda like this, but older.

You should have seen how big Nathan’s eyes got when he saw the new(used) civic Honda in the garage. He turned into a six year old again, insanely jumping up and down. Kinda fun to see — but as always, I am opposed to 16 year olds having cars. They’re too young for that responsibility!

But all my protests to mom and dad went on deaf ears, they love their spoiled little baby boy too much.


And just as expected (I opened a betting line with the rest of the family on how long this car’s going to last), we all lost. We all bet on weeks, months and years. The car lasted 5 days.


It was 2am on a Saturday night. Mom’s cell rang, and on the other end, little Nathan was crying.

“I wrecked the car, mom.” He was still crying.

Of course a 16 year old had to show off! He showed off his brand new (used) car to his friends on the very first weekend, got drunk, and wrecked the car somewhere in Makati.


He was drunk. He wasn’t a good driver yet. He hasn’t mastered the “art of drinking while driving” yet. “Drinking while driving” is a proud Filipino culture… go figure.


Don’t worry, Nathan and his friends were fine, they just bumped into each other like idiots. Yep, Nathan bumped into his other friend’s car. Those drunk idiots.


They had us worried of course. We rushed into the crash site, all thoughts of blood and gore were looming as we were on our way, but for whatever reason, those drunk little idiots were fine. Still in one piece. Thank God for that.


Both cars were wrecked though. The mechanic estimated more than a hundred thousand pesos to fix it up — Better to sell it then, I said. I’m always opposed to young kids getting cars (sorry).

With great pleasure, I told my parents, “I told you so!”


But seriously, kids and cars don’t go together. Kids still have the dreaded but exciting “youthful energy.” They can’t drive safe, they can’t drive slow (it’s boring) – they have to have that “rush.”


I’m sorry, but the “only” right time to have a car is when you’ve outgrown that rush… when you’ve settled down and became responsible. That’s the only time anybody should have a car. When they can honestly be called, “responsible drivers.”



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