Child Kicked Out of School Due to Hyperactivity

The streets are still in deep waters. Stupid flood. We can’t leave the house! We’re bored.



But there’s a positive side I think. I’ve finished a lot of work these past few days because I’m stuck in the house. That’s good I guess.

And I’m really thankful the electricity and the Internet didn’t go out. The net is very slow, but it’s better than nothing.


Anyway, since I’m bored. I surfed around the web and stumbled on a Dubai news where a four year old boy got kicked out due to hyperactivity. He’s got ADHD I guess. I feel bad for the parents.



This news got to me since my boy is the same age. Maybe not that active, but I do know some parents with children suffering from ADHD. And they don’t even realize it. They think it’s just normal child hyperactivity.

It’s bad.

In fact, the very factor that drove my husband to quit his company was his so called hyperactive coworker. He called him a jerk though. It’s tough for people suffering from ADD. They can’t totally coexist with society. And they frustrate the heck out of their coworkers.


I’ve met a few of these people. They just leave other people alone. They just can’t sit still and relax. They have to move around, interact and bug others. Now imagine that in the workplace. They do all kinds of stuff and excuses just to create more work, even if it’s going nowhere, just because they can’t sit still and relax. And they WILL involve others with them.

Now this drives other people crazy. In a world where everybody’s trying to relax, you annoy others because you’re suffering from a mental illness. Crazy.


I feel bad for these people. They will have a hard time adjusting to society unless they get psychiatric treatment.

I feel bad for the parents of that 4 year old. I could only imagine what they’re going through in the house — chasing after the kid, telling him to sit still — 24 hours a day.

And when they finally thought they could catch a break because the child’s finally going to school, they hear this news. Now they can never rest. This kid will be a an energizer bunny 24 hours a day. It’s tiring.

I know, it’s already tiring enough dealing with a normal child, what more a hyperactive one?


I feel bad. But what do I know? I may just be judging. These are all just based on the news I stumbled upon.





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  • niki

    i cnt help but be bothered abt ur post bcoz of some things written here.
    you have implied that ADHD is a mental illness. it is NOT. it is a behavioral problem.a condition not an illness. and that “They can’t totally coexist with society”? yes, they can. even “normal” people can drive other “normal” people crazy. wouldnt you agree? so its not just people with ADHD who at least have their condition as an excuse.what about those other people, what excuse do they have?

    i am not in full authority to talk abt ADHD but for quite some time i have worked with children with ADHD and more. i love each one of them to pieces in spite the frustrations i felt dealing with them at times. just like normal kids they dont need extra labels from people who understand less about their condition. and yes, they can be productive citizens of a country.

    it may be just your opinion but i hope u had done some readings for you may not know who will stumble upon your work…people who dont have an idea what an ADHD is, too. so reading your article might/will give them the wrong idea. wouldnt it be nice even with just our humble thoughts we also try to educate/inform correctly?

    i believe that is helping society as much as we are helping people with ADHD. that is lending a heart to those parents who have a child with ADHD in the article you’ve stumbled upon. and i think they will appreciate it more than just “feeling bad” for them.

    you might want to check this out for curiosity:

    ..and once upon a time, each of one of them was a child.
    children are not supposed to sit down 24 hrs a day. they are meant to be active and exploring.

    and i mean well.