Cool Stuff: 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Alcohol

I’m a drinker. Are you too?

Yep, I know you’re a veteran drinker by now… but I bet you didn’t know these things about alcohol! Enjoy!

Here’s a preview: You can pack it in your muscles, you can find it in space and you can feed it to children. Yes, seriously. 


1. Do you know that there is a “sobering disclaimer” for all kinds of alcohol? The sobering disclaimer states: The family of compounds known as alcohol, are all toxins that can kill you, whether quickly, instantly, or gradually.

2. But one of them—ethanol or ethyl alcohol—is safe and is a staple human diet.

3. Archaeologists speculates that fermented alcoholic drinks were made 100,000 years ago, when humans spread out of ‘the cradle of civilization,’ Africa.

4. According to the Drunken Monkey Hypothesis, our craving for alcoholic drinks was born from our ancestors’ desire to seek the ripest, most energy-intensive fruits.




5The most awesome animal in the world: The Malaysian pen-tailed treeshrew chugs every night, the equivalent of nine wine glasses in naturally fermented nectar. And yet they remain fully functional all-throughout. What an alcoholic, huh?

6. No digestion needed. Ethanol is such a tiny, simple molecule (just oxygen and six hydrogens, and two carbon atoms), that it leaks directly out of the stomach and intestine–and directly into the bloodstream. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we get drunk… fast!

7. A muscular person is less likely affected by alcohol than someone with more body fat. Because muscles, which are water-rich tissues, absorbs alcohol… preventing it from reaching the brain.



8. Beer is cool for kids and pregnant women too. In 1895 Anheuser-Busch (producers of Budweiser and 100 other beers) launched Malt-Nutrine. It’s a 1.9% alcohol-content-beer that’s good for pregnant women and children. Wait, what? Yep, it’s prescribed by physicians as a tonic for pregnant women and a nutrition-beverage for kids.

9. Until 1916, brandy and whiskey were scientifically approved medicines in the US. Crazy, huh?

10. In Sweden, surplus wine is distilled into ethanol, and mixed with gasoline, then sold to gas stations.

11. Ethanol was used primarily as an industrial fuel in the U.S. until a tax on alcoholic beverages was issued (because they need help to pay for the Civil War). Which prompted a switch to kerosene and methanol.

12. A distillation 
of wood pulp, Methanol, can destroy the eyes or the optic nerves. “Blind drunk” was slang for blindness 
caused by drinking alcohol that had been made with methanol by bootleggers.




13. However, “moonshine” distilled spirits, which are illegal in most states, is still big money business. It is still brewed illegally by moonshiners which can cause optic damage. It’s up to 190 proof (95% alcohol) which is nasty as hell.


Homer making moonshine


14. The nebulas where stars form from are hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen,–which are 
the atomic building blocks of alcohol. Yes, alcohol is found in space.

15. Sure enough, astronomers found vast amounts of ethanol—as much as in 400 trillion beers—
in G34.3, a galactic cloud 10,000 light-years away from Earth.



Did I miss something? Tell us what you know that we didn’t know! :)


Happy drinking everybody!



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