Dear Future husband,

Dear Future husband,


If one day our paths will cross– maybe in the middle of the crowded street, during an enrollment on a school we both attend or maybe in the cliche bump-into-each-other introduction. Please never doubt to introduce yourself. I would welcome you with smiles, and wonder what’s up with the weird feeling in our stomachs. I’ll be a friend like a normal girl would be and we’ll never realize how much we’ll grew to know each other.

We’ll go out with friends during a summer vacation and you will take things that you know I usually forget to bring, even if you don’t even need them. We will go together to a party and you’ll serve as a bouncer-like who’ll yank everyone who dares to mess with me. You will go dress shopping with me, even if it’s so gay and even if it is so out of your character. You’ll do things with me and wonder why this is so, even if we were just friends.

If you indeed find me and we develop far more than being friends I would surely know how to handle a guy like you for we know the do’s and don’ts even when we were not in a romantic relationship.

I will be a much better girlfriend than those you date back when we were just friends, those girls you constantly grumble on how possessive and careless they seem. I will love you with a love that is only equal or even more than what you give me for I know that if this survives, we will rock like rockstars.

If you ever find me future husband, please do things that will make me laugh and cry at the same time, humor me with great things- things that will not only make me smile but will make you a wonderful prince in my mind too. I’m not the type of girl who goes clubbing or mingle with different people, if it so happen that you do, don’t worry I won’t grumble around and tell you to stop doing things that you usually do just because there is ‘me’ in your life. Instead, I’ll let you be mature enough that things have changed and it’s time to set priorities.

I will know you someday and when I do, you’ll propose to me in the quirkiest way possible- while we’re having a candlelight dinner on an island or in a no-ordinary basketball court during the NBA finals where many people watch and see, maybe when we’re about to jump hand-in-hand on a bungee jumping which I forced you into or just in front of my family and friends during a random celebration where you kneel on one knee while my tears are running its way down my cheeks and you tell me the most wonderful things a girl dreamed to hear, “Will you marry me?”

We, women don’t just stick to the old traditional stay-at-home type because we venture on a lot ideas and know that we do this because  we value and care for things that a man’s mind may find hard to understand, and yes future husband, we are that complicated. We yell when we get pissed and notice that when we stay calm at a certain problem, it’s either we know what to do or not at all ( I told you we’re complicated but not insane).

If ever you come across this post one day I hope you realize my great boredom of waiting while we still make our lives more interesting. I wrote this because I know for sure that letters will surely be too mainstream years from now and would never try to scrumble on my old things or those that which are written on the sides of my textbooks.

But I still do wish  that you are the type of guy who would write letters to me, even if it would be too gooey or immature in the future.

I will be the one who will secretly know that you don’t like the smell of Durians, I will be that girl who will protect you from the evil clowns you’re afraid of and never tell about it because I know you’ll be too embarrassed. I will give you the love, happiness and the occasional pains.

We will travel around the world and makes memories last. We will surpass all the challenges brought upon us and laugh about it when we grow old, you will tell me that you love me and make me feel that you do.

We will have cute little children which we’ll call munchkins, you’ll be a good dad and teach them the wonders of life like the way we did. Our children will love you for you will open their eyes on a way you know that it is good for them. You will start to do things for your family and you’ll protect us, even from a crazy monkey in a TV series.

We will grow old happy and together with gray hairs and wrinkled skin. We’ll watch our kids  have their family, we’ll be contented of what we have and what we lived through for we know this have been the fundamentals of the life we’ve been.

Future husband, on the day we meet, I do not hope or wish but I  know for sure that on that very day, we start our happily ever after.



Red Riding Hood



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  • Glori (CrazyIntrovert)

    Awww! This is the cutest thing ever!!!!
    Love it!

    • Smoshee April

      Thank you :)

  • Gibz

    well, when the girls out there will read this. I am pretty sure that they will love this article.

    • Smoshee April

      Thank you.
      That is if they want the same husband :)

  • Anonymous

    This is the sweetest thing. :) Made me smile.