Ever Wonder what “Failure” really is?

What is failure? It’s not what you think. Read on. It’s actually quite enlightening.



You’ve heard it. We’ve all heard it. “Maybe I’ll fail this. Maybe I’ll fail that.”  Nonsense.

“I burned the chicken casserole. I failed midterms. I didn’t win the contest. I wasn’t able to sell anything today. The investor didn’t buy my pitch.” Sound familiar?

But you have to remember. These are just short term slip ups. They won’t matter a year from now.


To understand this, let me tell you a story:

There once was a man — let’s call him Joe. Joe was an art aficionado. He loved paintings in particular. It’s his passion.

Finally, Joe got old and died. Having lived a good life, he went to heaven. He had mixed feelings. Sad that he died, but he finally has the opportunity to find the answer to the question that always bugged him.

Who was the greatest artist of all time?

He was debating whether it was Leonardo or Van Gogh.

So he ask an angel, “who was the greatest artist of all time?”

The angel smiled and pointed at a guy.

Joe was stunned.

“Him?” Joe said. “But it can’t be him. I recognize him. That’s just Steve from work. He can’t possibly be a great artist.”

The angel smiled again.

“You’re right,” the angel said. “He’s not.”

“Huh?” Joe was confused.

“But he could have been.” The angel added.

“What?” This time, Joe got even more confused.

“Let me explain.” The angel said.

“He had the God-given talent to possibly become the greatest artist of all time. Yet, in the end, he never had to courage to pursue his dreams.

He worked and worked and work. Never really taking the leap of faith. He kept working an ordinary job till he died.

Imagine what he could have done, had only, he took the first step.

Had he atleast tried to pursue his dreams, he could have been one, if not, the greatest artist of all time.”


So, you see, failing a college exam, or failing a business, or failing to get that promotion — are all temporary, minor stuff. Real failure is looking back at the end of your life and realizing “you didn’t pursue your true potential.”

You instead, chose to be “Steve the accountant.”



40 years from now, if I was to look at my life. I would really cry if I had not, at least, tried to pursue my dreams. If I stayed an employee all my life, worked hard and stayed miserable — then that would be a shame.

That would be real failure.




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