Floyd Mayweather Won $3 million Bet

The rich keep getting richer. Floyd Mayweather bet $3 million on the highly anticipated college football game this weekend – Alabama Crimson Tide vs Michigan Wolverines.



There was so much hype around the week 1 matchup between the No. 2 ranked Alabama Crimson Tide and the No. 8 Michigan Wolverines.

According to various reports, the boxer first wanted to bet on the underdogs Wolverines, trying to beat the 14-point spread against favored Alabama on Saturday night. But in the end, he gave it a few thoughts and wagered more than $2.9 million in nine different Las Vegas sportsbooks on the favorites, Alabama, instead.



The number one p4p champ is an experienced gambler. He’s been known to wager in high stakes gambling for the last decade. Basically, he knows what he’s doing.


I’m sure this won’t pretty boy Floyd’s last big bet. There will be more huge stakes to follow. He got a guaranteed 32 million pay-off in his last fight against Miguel Cotto. And that’s just the guaranteed pay off. Various reports sources tells that if you add his PPV and Promotion shares, he got close to a hundred million.



But hidden behind the shadow of this huge wining is, the fact that this is just gambling money. Even if he loses, life goes on. To us, ordinary mortals, we would have jumped off a building had we been the ones who lost 3 million dollars.


Isn’t it great if you can afford to lose 3 million dollars?

What do you think?



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