“Hey honey, I got so drunk last night, I woke up in Boracay this morning”

Every time I go back to the Philippines for a vacation, I always go straight to my relatives in the Visayas region. It is after all, where the best beaches are.


One time, I got so drunk, I woke up in Boracay the next morning.

Four years ago, I was drunk as hell at one of the bars in Iloilo City, along with three other friends. Dopey, Grumpy and Bashful (Not real name).

I don’t know how it started but conversations about “wimps and wusses” began.

Yours truly: “He’s scared of his girlfriend. he’s a wimp.”

Dopey: “Yeah. He can barely get out of the house now. He’s a wuss.”

Grumpy: “Screw you all! I ain’t scared of no girl! I can get out of my house whenever I want, wherever I want!”

Bashful: “Liar…”

Grumpy: “Screw you! We can even go to Boracay right now for all I care.”

Three hours later, I remember waking up in a bus. On the way to Boracay.

Head hurting, hangover starting — I fell asleep again. I woke up a few hours later, dopey was tugging me.

“Wake up. We’re here. WAIT. Where the hell are we?”



Fast forward. As we stepped on the beautiful powdered white sand, clear blue ocean, we were completely relaxed. This is Boracay after all — the best beach in the world.

Now all I need to do was tell the wife where I am.


We all looked at each other at the same time.


“Okay boys, meet you up here in an hour.”

We all went our seperate ways. Each needing alone time. Trying to come up with an excuse — at least I did.

I can imagine all the Yelling and Screaming I’ll get when I call her.

So I TEXTED her instead.

“Hey honey, I got so drunk last night. I woke up in Boracay this morning.”

She didn’t talk to me for two weeks.

Who cares, I’m in paradise anyway. Might as well enjoy. A week before that, my dad sent me $500. He won it from a Casino in Vegas – or he might’ve worked for it too, I dunno. But that 500 bucks can do amazing things in Boracay.

I can’t get into all the details since while I’m writing this right now, my wife is looking all crazy behind me. I think all this flashback made her upset. I think.

I can imagine her bashing that laptop she’s holding down my head. Hope not. That’s a nice laptop.

Anyway. We all did enjoy those crazy idiotic adventures. It was fun.


Grumpy was less grumpy.

Bashful was less bashful.

But dopey was still dopey.


I’m old and fat now. But to the young peeps out there, you need to go crazy and have some wild adventures out there.

The world is a crazy place. All you need to do is go crazy with it.


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  • http://crazyintrovert.com/ Glori (CrazyIntrovert)

    Haha! THAT was crazy.
    You guys were the original ‘The Hangover” crew!

    • Dave

      =D thanks!