“Sometimes, what you’re looking for is right where you left it—

back home.”

I flutter and float amid the morning breeze
Kiss the sun with solemn, sweet embrace
Color the world with my delicate grace,
Until I’m ready for bolder quests!

Yesterday’s filled with the purest of dreams
with wonders and questions and magic spells
Those carefree days of childhood fairytales
when true love was meant only for beauty queens.

Time is fleeting before my eyes
One glimpse of beauty like shooting stars
I rise and fall a thousand times
Soon I’ll be old and grey and gone.

Somewhere down the memory lane
are traces of “what if” and “what might have been”
I look back and there I see
faded reflections of you and me.

They say that time can make us forget
and childhood memories are lost, outgrown.
But every time I’m trapped and torn,
I find myself running back home.




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