How a quick bath proves the difference between men and women

Men travel directly from point A to point B with no stops. Non whatsoever. While women go to point B but visit all the stops along the way.



I’m stinky. Sweaty from a short jog and just having changed my baby angel’s diaper — it made me stinky. I need a bath.

I need my rejuvenation, my peace time, my alone time, my therapeutic treatment — I’m talking about a bubbly foam bath with scented candles. Ooohh! I love it!

I deserve it too. Talk about a hard-working mom with tremendous 24/7 TLC for his family? :) I need my spa treatment.


With towel in hand, I headed down the bathroom when I noticed my dog’s pee-pad was stinky. Naturally, I’d replace it with a new one. But the trash can is almost full, I thought I’d empty it too. And the sink is a bit smelly, so I’d rather have that out of the way. The dining table is still messy — so I’d clean that too!

I finally made it to the bathroom when I noticed a funny smell. Tah-dah! Scrub-a-dub-dub. The bathroom (and the entire house) is super clean now!


I realized… Three hours had passed. Sure the entire house is clean — but I’m still stinky! Not to mention, I got even more stinkier!


What is it with women and the need to take care of all stops along the way?


Let’s rewind. If it was my husband, he would have taken a bath already three hours ago. Sure he would’ve played with the dog a little, but then head out to a bath– wait! I take it back. Not even a bath, he would’ve just taken a quick 10 minute shower.

“Therapeutic my ass” he’d say. “Scented candle my ass” he’d say. “Screw that! I’m taking a shower as quick as possible then head out to the couch and watch the game with beer and beef… now that’s therapy!

Men… what can I say. Tsk.. tsk.. tsk…


Men have tunnel visions on things they want to do (or places they have to go). That’s why when you ask your man to buy milk in the grocery — that’s all you get… milk.

While us, women, when buying a single item (milk) for grocery — are so immersed with thoughts of “hey maybe we need butter,” or “bread is running out, or “I think spaghetti might be nice for dinner.” We end up buying grocery for a week!


Hmm… maybe that’s why women are always tired, stressed and naggy (as my hubby says, “naggy” is a nicer word for “bitchy”). We do everything!

That’s why we were chosen to be mothers. We need to keep track of our kids, our house (and our husbands too :( ), bills, groceries, birthday parties, occasions — everything!

We are homemakers!


It’s as old as the Bible itself. Men provide, while women nest and be homemakers.

Men are terrible homemakers. Imagine your husband running the show at home. Sure he is capable of on the spot, easy to do, simple enough activity such as taking a shower (while we women are not), but the house would still be messy!


We can’t be brain-dead like the men are when they crash the couch to watch the game. Our minds are always active. Always on the look-out! We don’t have an “on and off” switch for our brains like men do. We can’t turn off our brains!


Now the house is clean, the baby is nicely napping (clean, fragrant and shiny), dinner is almost ready… everything is set. What an exhausting day!

In a while, my husband will come home — groaning and moaning about a terrible job and mutters “wow, it’s so nice to have your life. Relaxing at home all day long playing with the baby and the dog…”

Geez… don’t worry ladies, I hid the remote. Good luck watching TV without the remote, hubby!


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An anonymous being, a writer hidden in the shadows; I come with the darkest clouds and pen darker thoughts to paper. I am the fog, the shadow, the mist. Come see me and you will never go back.

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  • Joan Camus

    This article made me laugh. This is indeed true! Whenever my mother buy groceries we eagerly wait for her because she would buy things or food other than the grocery items that are on her list. On the other hand, we always feel disappointed if our father would buy the grocery because he would only buy the things that are on the list. Grrrrrrrr!!!

    • Dave

      Lol. My parents too! :)

    • Dave

      Lol! My parents too! :)