How to Deal with Evil People

“It’s always somebody else’s fault.” When something bad happens, I always blame other people.

I used to be angry, simply because– people made me angry. And I was immature too. Not to mention, I was a closed-minded freak.


But that was before I learned how to deal with the shittiest people on Earth!


To deal with people, you must first learn to understand them. And this article will help you undertand the different kinds of people and how to deal with them.

There are only four kinds of people. Maybe a combination of the four, but people generally fall into four categories. And this is all you need to know. Once you are able to understand and classify the four different kinds of people, you will then know how to deal with them accordingly.


(Spoiler: the 4th item discusses “how to deal with evil people.” For those of you busy-bodies over there)


So here are the four kinds of people and how to deal with them.


1. People in Pain.

People are in pain for different reasons. Money loss, jobs loss, family loss, sickness — pain.

The way to deal with them is to show compassion. Give what you can. What you give comes back tenfold. Give advice if you have too. Give solace.


But pain can be contagious. So set boundaries, don’t let pain flow through your system. After all, your main goal is to stay happy. Help with what you can, but continue to protect your happiness.


2. Happy people.

There are genuinely happy people in this world. With no ulterior motives — none whatsoever — they are just happy.

They don’t need drugs, women, booze to make them happy. They just… are.

Sure, they have their own sufferings too. But some people are pretty contented with their lives right now.


I used to secretly resent/envy (in the back of my mind) some of them.

Let’s say, there’s a guy living in a 10,000 square foot mansion,

  • with billions of dollars,
  • who has a sexy supermodel wife (who’s always in a bikini and loves to have sex every night),
  • and is genuinely happy –

God I used to envy that guy.


Who hasn’t envied successful people before at some point in their lives, raise your hands.


I used to hate Larry Page for building a little business called Google,

  • and buying big mansions,
  • and buying million dollar private jets,
  • and hooking up with a sexy girlfriend,
  • and for turning his whole company in Mountain View into a big playhouse.

(Seriously, they get free food everyday ‘not some cheap meals, but cuisine levels!,’ lots of toys, free everyday massage, free doctors, free everything!)

Now who wouldn’t get jealous of that! I want to work there!


Don’t believe me? Here’s a quick peek at Googleplex.


But you can’t stay jealous of those people. After all, they are genuinely happy for you, you should be happy for them too. You need to train your mind, and catch your resentments and jealousies before they turn you into an angry creature.

Please be genuinely happy for the ones who are happy today.

A famous producer once said, “Nobody wants to watch a good looking person being happy.”

But for you to achieve success, you must first be genuinely happy for other successful, happy people.


Now, I’m a big Google believer. I don’t envy Larry Page anymore (maybe just a little, but I certainly don’t resent him). This whole efficient search engine thing was built around pure honesty. Google is most honest website in the world, that’s why billions of people use it everyday.

If you want to know more about sex, Google will tell you, “Oh, we’re sorry. We don’t know anything about sex, but here are 10 links to our competitors who know more about sex. And if you still can’t find your answer, here are 10 million more links to our competitors…”

GIYF – Google is your friend.


3. Good people.

This is different from happy people. Good people can be people in pain too. Although they are genuinely good.

Good people don’t have ulterior motives. They are there to help you. With no “catch” whatsoever. They don’t inflict pain, they are just… nice.


I resented Warren Buffet for donating 100 million dollars to Africa. I suspected it was all for tax exemptions. But I was dumb. I was cynical. He did help thousands of people with that money. When was the last time I donated something for charity?

We need to be grateful for all the good people left in this world.


And finally, the last category. The category that wastes a trillion brain cells everyday.


4. The Evil People.

People who will do you harm. For no reason at all.

They will never get it. They will and do things to you and they will never understand how evil they are.

And you will HATE them. They will crawl into the deepest parts of your consciousness and will keep you awake till four in the morning.

They snarl at you, you snarl back. And on and on for the rest of the night, till you realize it’s already morning. You went sleepless again the whole night because of those creatures. Too bad, you deserve a good night’s rest too.


You know who I’m talking about. You’ve met them before. You’ve encountered hundreds of them trolling the web. They are evil creatures. They want to break into your home, kill you, rape your wife, and burn your house down — and all the while, they think they are doing the right thing.

They don’t realize how evil they are. They are the shittiest people on Earth.

Those creatures come in forms of toxic friends, relatives, coworkers, bosses, etc. They crawl in this world and spread pain, and they don’t even know it.


In my weakest of moments, I used to imagine what I would do to these creatures. I want to smash their faces against the wall, I want to torture and kill… STOP! I just realized I lost a whole night’s sleep (again), thinking about these creatures.


Take this into heart: When you get in the mud with a pig. You get dirty and the pig gets happy.


There is only one way to deal with evil creatures. And only ONE WAY!


You need to completely IGNORE evil people.


- Ignore them.

- Don’t think about them.

- Don’t talk to them.

- Don’t text, twit or email them.

- More importantly: Don’t gossip about them. Don’t talk behind their backs. Gossip is a bitch. And it will always come back to bite you in the ass. We don’t care how happy or how evil they are. We don’t care about them! In fact, they don’t exist!

We only care about you and your happiness. Creatures attack your thoughts, and gossiping means you’re still thinking about them.

- Note: If somebody asks you what you think of Mr. Creature, say, “Mr. creature who?” Completely ignore and change the topic. If they still insist, walk away. That’s it. No explanations, no nothing.

Your happiness is most important. You can’t be happy if creatures are still in your thoughts.

- And the most important thing: Don’t give them advice! It’s pretty stupid to think they will listen to you.

No matter how good your advice is, they will NOT LISTEN and it will only cause more pain to you.

Giving advice to crappy people will only cause you more pain. It’s the only possible result. The goal is to completely ignore all sources of pain.


Similarly, on my last post, I wasted 36 hours replying to creatures in the comments section. “Stop!” I told myself. There is no winning to this! But I was weak. I wasted 36 hours. I could’ve written 5 good articles (or have a blast at the beach) with those 36 hours. But those creatures took it away. I was weak.

And why did I do that? Because I wanted them to agree with me! And love me. I wanted all my haters to like me. I was stupid. It’s like putting a gun to my head and saying, “do what I say or else I’ll pull the trigger!”

I have 99 bullets in my brain now.


I lost my discipline and gave in to those creatures for 36 hours. And for what? Did I win a trophy? Did my haters love me? Did I change their minds? Did they say “you’re right. I’m sorry. Let’s be friends.” Of course not! They just wanted to fight! That’s all they ever wanted. They just want to fight. It doesn’t matter who they fight with.

I went into the mud with pigs and got dirty. I lost.





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