How to get everything you’ve always wanted – Part 2

A continuation from How to get everything you’ve always wanted – Part 1


Screw other people. Stop listening to others and start doing what you want. Seriously.

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” – Samuel Johnson

Christmas day, I was 14. My grandma forgot some precious groceries for the Christmas feast. Being a “good intentions” kind of gal, she asked us to get those missing food. She only wanted the entire family to enjoy a complete feast. But there are some menu missing. Of course! Good intentions dictate we buy those missing menu! So everybody can enjoy a pure feast!

On a Christmas day. She sent me and my brother to grocery on a Christmas day. The line was 10 miles long. Yeah, she only had good intentions… right?

You get the idea. I love my grandma, but you yourself have tons of experiences on this one. Now close your eyes, breathe deep, and try to recall some of those. Annoying isn’t it?


My mom told me not to quit my hotel receptionist job because there is NO future in writing. She only wanted what’s best for me. She was afraid I’d end up broke somewhere. But then again, I trusted my instincts, I was suffering in my menial job — now, I earn a whole lot more sitting in front of my laptop, four hours a day rather than that mind numbing 40 hours a week dreadful job.


You get my point, moving on.


Like I said, this is a great age we live in. The possibilities are endless, there are millions of ways to reach your goals. So believe me, stop watching bad stories in news. The news is crap, only bad news sell.

Good people outnumber the bad, but good people doing good things is boring. The media instead talks about disasters, murders, war – because bad news sells. We have occasional floods, but that’s it. All the more reason to leave our Country. No offense, but we deserve to be treated better. For our children’s sake, we need to find a place for them to grow happy.


Look around you, everybody is alive — there are no wars, murders, hunger, etc. You only hear them in the news. Sure you see bad things happen once in a while — like once a year — but I bet you, if you walk down that neighborhood right now, you’ll come back home unscathed.

There, I had to discuss that. We need to keep our mind healthy and happy, the most important thing is to exclusively think positive. Purge all negative thoughts, they only bring us down. Positive thoughts ascends us. More on this later.


The first rule in achieving your goals is, to figure out what you want.

If you haven’t, then you’re still lost. Living without goals is like driving through a thick fog — you don’t know where you’re going.


The day my life changed.

I wasn’t born rich. I rode jeepneys, trains, buses everyday. Through monsoon storms and extreme heat, I was poor. Lots of things I couldn’t buy — but that’s all over now. We can’t concentrate on that past, we have to forget it. Yup, you heard me — forget the past — it doesn’t matter.


My life changed one day, after a long day from work. I was upset (more like miserable and depressed), my boss just screamed at me (like she always does), this wasn’t a good life.

I sat alone in my cheap condo (more like one very small room), I was crying. This isn’t the life I had pictured. I prayed. Then I got a small piece of paper, and wrote something.

I wrote, “I want to earn money as a writer.”


I still have that piece of paper.


I didn’t know the power of that. I didn’t know the planets aligned, and the universe conspired to make every effort to make my dream come true.

Those words had been imprinted in my subconscious. I didn’t know it, but my urge to quit my job became a hundred times stronger. Three months later, I said “Screw it! I quit!”


Six months later, I was earning over $100 from odesk. After a year, I was earning $748. It paid everything! It paid the bills, rent, food and the occasional shopping.

That was years ago, I’m earning a whole lot now.

Sure it may take 10 more years for me to actually be “good” at writing and maybe have my very own novel? But what’s important now is, I’m happy.

I used to be depressed. I use to wake up grumpy, God I hated that alarm clock. I use to wake up unhappy, sleepy — I used to drag my self out of bed everyday, and then drag my self more — to work.


My head was always throbbing, with a permanent “upset” face. I ride the jeepney and the bus, not minding other people — everybody looked upset! Everybody looked unhappy! That was it, I am living a zombie life. Everybody was a working zombie, trying to survive another day of unhappiness.

“We have to do it,” that’s what they say in their minds to make themselves feel better.


But that’s all over now. I wake up happy everyday. No more alarm clocks (God, yes!), no more dragging myself out of bed. I wake up happy everyday, I cook breakfast, kiss my husband goodbye to work, change my child’s diaper, play with the dogs and sit on my laptop and write while the baby naps.


I’m happy now.


End of part 2. Continue to Part 3



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