How to Get What You Want – Part 1

Our lives suck! So what do we do now?


But what if I told you there’s a way to get what you want faster than you ever thought possible?

We all want that. We all have goals. We’re tired of working for society, we need a break. We all want to be happy — we want to achieve our goals.

This is a great world we live in. It doesn’t matter where we came from. It only matters where we’re headed. And in this technological day and age, we have SO MANY chances to to get what we want. This is a truly great age we live in.


I decided to write an essay. This piece will tell you exactly how to get what you want, how to achieve your goals, and furthermore, why you should have to.


I now work four hours a day at home, in my laptop, doing freelance writing. After that, I play with my baby girl, have coffee with my friends, clean the house, and do whatever. Isn’t it great? Contrary to what people tell you, it always IS better to be bored at home and still earn money rather than enslaving yourself to a job you don’t really enjoy.

Sounds interesting? Read on.


I was born poor — but it doesn’t matter. I had to work a bunch of menial jobs to pay rent, grocery, and stuff — just like you. But it doesn’t matter. It’s in the past. The moment my life started was, the moment when I forgave myself of the past and started concentrating on the future.

Before that, I was a dead, empty, hollow being. I was another zombie in our society — meaninglessly surviving another dead day. For what? So society would be happy? Will society be happy if we take a meaningless job, make a living and pay taxes?

What is society anyway? Why do we want to make it happy? Or why are we so afraid NOT to make it happy? Because they’ll say bad things about us? Because they’ll say, “that girl doesn’t have a job,” “that guy quit his job and started pursuing a useless career.” Or, “My son didn’t take nursing! He’s another call center agent instead!”


What is society anyway? Or who is society?


Back then, way back then — like 10,000 years ago — when we still look really ugly, monkey-like ugly — humans started living in tribes. We still lived in caves, we weren’t on the top of the food chain yet — you get the point. So for survival purposes, we started living in groups. We called it tribes and villages. We worked together, we watched each other’s backs, we were strong in numbers.

10,000 years ago. We looked really ugly.

Fast forward thousands of years later, We did it! We’re finally on the top of the food chain. No lions, tigers, bears make snacks of us anymore.


Now why is society still forcing us to work with them. Rather, FOR them?


Sure. Keeping the economy flowing is good and all BUT… Get this, society won’t die if you stop working for them. Quit your call center job and start writing online — society will still live. “You” don’t matter anymore. When you stop working for them, your precious society will continue to survive.

The mission was accomplished thousands of years ago, we are on top of the food chain now. We can now choose our own job lines — no more “hunter/gatherer” assigned jobs. We are now capable to go on our own, find our own passion, reach our own goals.


Contrary to what people tell you, society can’t stop you from pursuing your goals. In fact, from this very moment on, stop listening to other people and only listen to yourself. Your inner instinct. Your gut.


So go ahead, God didn’t give that little “freewill” thingy for nothing. God doesn’t bother us with that little voice for nothing. That little voice telling us the right things to do. That little voice we decided to shut down, and started listening to society instead. Poor little voice.

That little voice I call God. Some people call it conscience, some call it Jiminy Cricket, gut instinct, an Angel or simply — that little voice inside your head. But I call it God. I believe God is always talking to us, sending us messages — telling us the right things to do.


So shut down society and stop listening to other people. Screw them. Some may be family, they may have good intentions for you, but they don’t know the implications of their actions. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” So stop listening to other people and trust your gut instinct. Only your very own.


What is it you want? Can you continue doing your job for the next 40 years? Will you be happy? Are you happy?

Or are you just getting by? Just surviving?


End of part 1. Continue to part 2.



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