How to Grow Taller

Wanna get taller? Of course you do! We all do. But the question is, how?

Height is determined by your genes. This is absolutely out of your control. But the good news is, there are several factors (fully under your control) that can help your reach your maximum height potential.


Your height is fully determined by several genetic factors. Having two short parents doesn’t necessarily mean ending up short. Just as having two towering giants of parents doesn’t mean growing into a giant too.

Although observing your average family height is a tell-tale sign of your height-to-be… but don’t be discouraged though, you won’t know your final height unless you are in your full-adulthood (mid-twenties).


So if you’re not in your mid-twenties yet, there are ways for you to reach your full height-potential. And if you already are past your mid-twenties, oh well… this still would be a fun article to read. :) (to relay the tips to those who haven’t reached full-adulthood yet :) )


Here are 3 ways to grow taller.

Avoid growth stunting factors.

Drugs, cigarettes, caffeine and alcohol stunt your growth if ingested at a young age.

If somebody told me in my teens that smoking, alcohol and coffee will stunt my growth, I could’ve avoided those. Wait, I think they did tell me. Okay, never mind :) But college was hard, I needed cigarettes and coffee to pass my degree, and alcohol to relieve stress :)

If you can avoid all these things your whole life anyway, then you will live a long and healthy life. Just don’t get hit by a bus. :)


Sleep, sleep, sleep!

The only time, and I mean, ONLY TIME your body grows, is when you’re asleep. Research shows, people who slept an average of 9-11 hours during their childhood to teen years are generally taller than those who slept less.

So sleep, sleep a lot, let your body have lots of chances to grow.


Eat healthy.

Nutrition is one of the biggest height factors. Although height is basically determined by genetics, you won’t be able to reach your maximum height without eating healthy.

Your genetics might determine your maximum growth potential at 6’2, but if you grow up malnutritioned, you may be stunted at 5’2″. That’s sad.

Get lots of calcium, Vit D, protein and zinc.


A lot of kids who grew up poor, malnutritioned and started working at such a young age, never really lived up to their full growth potential. They should have been taller, but malnutritioned childhood years stunted their growth.


Keep these tips in mind as you’re growing and you’ll be able to reach your maximum genetic height! Not like me… I wish somebody told me these while growing up. Oh, wait. I think they did. Never mind. I need a shot of alcohol.



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