How to kiss? The top Ten erotic tips

Author: Steffano Perales

Writers note: You are about to read an article that contains words and details that might be inappropriate  for your conservative radar. This is strictly for adults and adults at heart only. If you are below 18 years old, get the hell outta here. These tips are user-friendly (hope it’ll do  in  our environment). It’s addressed to all types of gender, straights, gays, lesbians and bisexuals. Really? Crap yeah! All of us can poshly stimulate our orgasms. You guys can rock on in here. I am not promoting lollapalooza anyway. 


A kiss is the act of pressing one’s lips against the lips or other body parts of another person or of an object. Cultural connotations of kissing vary widely. Depending on the culture and context, a kiss can express sentiments of love, passion,affection, respect,greeting, friendship and good luck, among many others. (Say amen to  Wikipedia-source)




Kissing a person is the best way to express your feelings that words aren’t enough to describe.  If you are currently in vocabulary crisis, oh man you don’t need a Miriam Webster. Kiss her outright, BTW ask her permission first. If you didn’t? Expect a slap or wine on your face (with glass debris in it). Kiss is the world’s sweetest intrusion as no one will refuse and accuse you for trespassing.  Well only if that person you’re kissing with tastes good. If not? Yuck.  Everyone has their own way of kissing. Nail it as your signature. Make your kiss as if your partner thinks it’s a food. A food in which she has been longing to devour. As if she’ll die without it. A kiss that’ll make her moan and grunt like music to your ears.  A kiss that only you can bestow to her and no one else.

In the span of modernization, kissing has hundreds of ways in development. We just have to add spices in it. If kissing is a sport? Then  I’ll say hello to Olympics. I guess everyone will be very athletic then.



Alright I’m knocking it off. I know you guys are so excited for these tips. Here they come, fasten your seatbelts, hold your toothbrush. The following hints are obviously unsolicited.

  1. Take the lead You and your partner are kissing. You gently start to take control by placing your hands on either side of her face, holding her cheeks and guiding her lips. In doing, so you are in control of the amount of pressure and motion of her mouth and, in turn, she feels the warmth of your hands. This can be especially good if your partner’s mouth is too loose or open for you. Then it is your responsibility to kiss her as you LOVE TO BE KISSED.
  2. Get him/her to follow your lead- Stop when you want and tell your partner, ‘I just love kissing. It’s the one thing that gets me ___________________ [fill in the blank; for example, you might add the word ‘hot’ or turned on’J. Then look at her and, ‘Will you show me what it feels like to kissed by me?
  3. Introduce a fantasy- tell him/her that you had a dream the other night about how she was kissing you—and it was fabulous.  Whether or not you actually had this dream, (we lie sometimes, admit it). What you need to do is have an idea about what you want to ask for. So think ahead to how you want to blend the new kissing style or technique you want with what he/she already does. That way, you’re not asking for a completely different thing and won’t risk offending his ego. If  you can’t manage to explain what fully using your dream, tell her, ‘You did something like this’ and then show her what you want.
  4. Praise your Partner- let you partner know when he/she has kissed you right. If he/she doe something you really like, repeat it on him/her and ask if it feels as good to her as it did to you. To tweak her style, it’s important that you use one-word directions, such as ‘lighter,’ left,’ ‘right,’ etc. Men have shared with me that sentence-long guidance feels like criticism, while one-word comments sound like gentle direction. Remember that while you may feel that the more you tell, the better, she will be hearing your words through her own sexual gender filter.
  5. Repeat don’t assume that one time through will work. Men often need reminding (yes, even when it comes to be better kissing and better sex). Repeat exercises 1-2 as often as necessary. And enjoy!
  6. Great breath- This is very important. Make sure you brush before going out on your date.  There is nothing worse than kissing someone with bad breath. If your date consists of having something to eat before the actual kiss, make sure you have a mint on hand to take right after you finish eating. Don’t take the mint just before the kiss or chew on gum. You don’t want to have something in your mouth when you kiss.
  7. Moist lips (even for men)- You want your lips to be slightly moist when you kiss. Run your tongue over your lips once before you kiss. Don’t wear lip gloss because it tends to make the kiss too gooey.
  8. Positioning- Stand close to your partner. As the two of your move closer together tilt your head slightly. If you can see which way your partner’s head is tilting, tilt your head slightly in the opposite direction.
  9. Close Eyes (it’s awkward if its open)- Just before your lips meet, close your eyes. Some people prefer to leave their eyes open during the kiss. But until you know what your partner prefers, it is best to close your eyes.
  10.  Tongue-  place the tip of your tongue on the tip of your partner’s tongue. Do not force your too far into her mouth. If you wish you can play with her tongue by circling her with your own. Have fun I; explore more if you want so.

There you have the top 10 tips. Need more? Email me. No partner for practice? Call me maybe. (JK) seriously kidding.

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