How to make Exercise… Fun

Exercise is excellent for the human body. It greatly improves your health and strengthens your mind and body. This article will show you the impossible– how you can make exercise… fun.



First off, there are two types of exercises, the physical and mental. Physical exercise focuses on body movements like strengthening of muscles, flexibility, weight loss, improving athletic skills etc.

Mental exercise improves your intellect. You can engage in many different kinds of mental exercises, like playing “chess”, “sudoku” and many more.


Here are some ways to do fun exercises:


Find an exercise partner

Pick someone who is fun to be with, is full of energy, who makes you laugh, and who you look forward spending time with. Your exercise time with your friend will be livelier.


Social group exercise

Engage in social exercises ( meaning “interactive” exercises). Enjoy the company of other like-minded people that have similar physical and mental goals. Enjoy good laughs and have a great time with them. A group exercise is a way to meet cool new people.


Engage in sports

Get involved in playing sports that you like. For example, playing basketball, football etc. makes your lungs healthy and will make you become physically fit. Sports activities will help you maintain physical fitness and mental alertness.


Use logic with others

Use books, the internet and other sources of reading materials to make stimulate your brain. Playing logic games such as chess or Sudoku with fun people, greatly exercises your “IQ.”


Do fun activities with your family and friends

Go to the park. Play “catch” or softball with your family. The game of “tag” with your children never gets old. Or simply, stroll around with your friends and engulf in Mother Nature’s beauty.


Mix exercise routines 

In doing physical fitness routines, create a schedule that will not get you bored. For example, on Mondays you jog with your friends, Tuesdays play basketball, Wednesdays; Frisbee with Rover…


Listen to music 

Music will help keep your mind relaxed. It will also relieve stress. Listen to soft, inspirational songs that will help you feel at peace.


Keep a relaxed state of being 

Most of the time you would be busy and be engaged in work (which means “stress”). Stress deteriorates your body and lessens your mind’s alertness. Try to relax, take deep breathes and clear your mind.. be at peace.


Use stress busters 

Engage in stress-busting activities like playing fun games, taking a vacation, spending time alone, going to a gym with your gym buddies or go fishing with your friends, and many more stress relieving activities, to lessen the daily stress that causes depression.


And finally, a man’s bestfriend

Walk, run or jog with you dog. Play Frisbee, play tag or simply roll around the grass with Rover. Dogs are therapeutic. Ever wonder why so many people love their dogs so much? Therapy sessions use lapdogs now… patients spew out their problems while petting “Duchess,” it relieves stress and banishes their depression away.


Exercise will greatly improve your immune system and mental health. Daily exercises will help avoid illnesses and diseases.

Exercise, have fun and enjoy the company, and the view. It will not only make you physically strong, but mentally fit as well.


No time for workouts? Then here are basic workout alternatives you can incorporate in your daily life.

Much easier.


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