How to Make Money Writing Naughty Stories (Yes, Even You Can Do It)

She gasped as she felt another sweet rush of sensation spread down her toes, making each digit curl in pleasure.  Her body was cold a while ago, but she felt like she was on fire now. The strips of pleasure went through her body like waves, consuming her.


That’s a tidbit (or a variant) of one erotic short story I wrote a few weeks ago.



Writing short erotic stories is one of the ways new freelance writers can earn money online. You can find bidding sites with job posts relating to writing short stories with this adult content. 

Here are some reminders to help you if you are interested in writing these naughty little shorts. Most are actually applicable to other writing jobs.

These tips are essentially for new freelancer writers. If you’re interested in writing short stories (not just of the erotic kind; some are looking for romance, paranormal, horror, and even kids’ stories), you may want to consider these tips before you click that Apply or Bid button. 


Check with your muse or your angel if you must.

Writing erotic fiction, I guess, is not for every freelance writer. Be sure you’re ready to read and write what others may call “dirty” that which you will soon  learn to call a craft.


Check the client’s history and payment method.

Naturally, the more positive feedbacks and the more money paid, the better. Jobs like these are usually at a fixed-price rate, so bid wisely.


Check the set deadline.

Seriously consider if you can deliver on the set deadline. You will need time to think and research. (Well, you could write from experience too if you want, but some clients have specific themes they want their stories to be based on.)


Prepare a sample.

Almost all clients want a sample of your writing, not necessarily adult-themed. Reason why I’m thankful I wrote fan fiction. I used those as samples and they seemed to have done the trick. Preparing samples also helps you practice your writing skills.


Check the terms.

Most clients will ask that the copyright to the story will be turned over to them. Some go as far as requiring your scanned signature. Some also ask for a short description of the story, a blurb, or a teaser. 

Others are very specific on what font and document size to use. And still there are also those who will not allow you to use the stories as samples. So read the job description carefully.


Check the price.

Although some may argue that a mere $20 to $35 for a 2,000- to 3,000-word short story is ridiculous, it seems to be the unspoken standard among freelance erotic short writers, even among the native-speaking ones who studied literature or have published short erotic novels (in that particular freelance site).  

One thing that breaks my heart, and which stopped me from writing stories for a while, was the absurdity of the prices recently. Some ask for as low as $5 for a 5,000-word piece. I don’t even know what to say about that. :(

But the most important reminder of all…


Practice makes naughty perfect.

Read books, not just of the erotic genre, but books on improving your creative writing skills. You can’t just write “Ohh… and “Ahh…” on every other sentence and call it an erotic short story. Just like any other skill, it requires practice, and just like any other hobby, it needs to be enjoyed.

Have you tried ghostwriting short stories before? Or maybe you have other reminders for our fellow freelance writers? 


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