How to Reduce Coffee Addiction

Whether you drink instant coffee or visit your favorite Starbucks each day, you should try and consider giving up your coffee-craving habit. Caffeine addiction can enslave your lifestyle and impair your daily routine.



Moderate coffee drinking  is okay. But unfortunately, people get caffeine dependent and get into a “can’t function without coffee“ lifestyle.

This article will give you three steps that can help you break coffee-addiction. Note: this is not a quick fix, nor will it cure you overnight. Depriving yourself of coffee instantly will result in weeks of headaches and drowsiness.


Here are 3 surefire steps to breaking your coffee addiction:


Write Your Goal To Break Coffee Addiction

This is the most crucial step in any goal. Everything begins with a written goal. It’s never enough to just “think” it, you need to write your goals down on a piece of paper. That solidifies your determination to your brain.

On a piece of paper, list each consumption per day over two-weeks. Then write down the number of cups you’ll drink each day. On the first day, write down your normal coffee drinking consumption. Then, decrease that consumption by one cup every two days.

For example, if you drink 6 cups of coffee a day, drink only 5 cups after two days. On Day 8, you should be drinking only 3 cups a day. By Day 14, you should then be free of coffee.


You Can Implement an “Ounces” Rule

If subtracting cups is too hard for you, then subtract coffee by ounces. So, let’s say, if you currently enjoy sipping a Starbucks Venti (20 ounces) every break time, continue to enjoy it for 2 days. On on the third day, get a Grande (16 ounces) instead. On Day 5, buy a Tall (12 ounces). On Day 7, leave half of the tall 12 ounces drink. On day 9, enjoy a decaf :) and on day 14, stop visiting Starbucks and save your money instead. Even decaf is cheating. :)

Over the course of two weeks, you are slowly training your body to perform with less coffee every few days. On day 14, you can stop drinking coffee altogether and not suffer headaches anymore.


Use Discipline to Stay Away From Caffeine

Any action becomes a habit  if you repeat that same action for 30 days. You will need to be disciplined if you want to stop caffeine addiction in the long run. If you cheat and enjoy a small sip every now and then, your body will revisit the old habits by throwing off your sleep patterns and reminisce the caffeine addiction you once had. Be disciplined for 30 days and you’ll find that you won’t be missing your old caffeine addiction anymore.


Breaking the coffee habit isn’t that complicated actually. Implement the two-week plan and be disciplined for 30 days. And you’ll find that you’ll have more energy, can focus more clearly and sleep longer than before.


Now to the biggest question… Are you ready to give up coffee altogether? Let’s hear you out in the comments section!



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