How To Relieve Sinus Stress

When you’ve got sinus pressure, your world comes into a halt. You can’t focus on your family or work, because your sinusitis is demanding full attention.



Sinusitis is bad. It’s a drag. This is the main reason my mornings does not start as fast as I want it to be.


So if you need to get rid of your sinusitis fast (so that you can get back to your life), here are some tips for relieving sinus pressure.


Use a steamer.

Hot steam relieves pressured and congested nose.

- Borrow a steamer if you don’t have one, and use this to relieve your sinusitis.

- If you can’t borrow, you can just put your face on top of a boiling water. Inhaling steam loosens ups your sinuses, and not to mention, clears your clogged nose too.

- Another alternative is, to inhale steam using a hot, hot towel over your nose and airways. Don’t burn your face, but keep your towel hot, so you’re always inhaling hot vapors.


Vicks Vapor Rub

Steam is the fastest and most effective method to relieve sinus pressure, but Vicks Vapor Rub is a quicker method.

Or you can combine both, add Vicks to your steamed or hot water to have better effect.


Have a humidifier in your room.

A humidifier will relieve your sinus pressure. If you don’t have a humidifier, have a small aquarium instead. Plus, fishes  are therapeutic.

Increased moisture in your nose will relieve pressure and you’ll wake up feeling much clearer.


Drink more H20.

Increasing fluid intake relieves pressure. Have atleast 8-10 glasses of water a day. Keep a glass of water near you at all times, it will flush out your sinuses.


Use nasal spray.

By far, all of these solutions are “in homes” only. But if you’re on the go, and you need a quick solution to relieve sinus, buy some over-the-counter nasal sprays.

Follow the directions on the bottle carefully, and don’t use too much (This will overburden your sinuses and delay the healing process). Nasal sprays constrict blood vessels and get rid of congestion and pressure, so it’s a great way of relieving sinus pressure if you’re on the go, or anywhere for that matter.


Have a sinus-free day everybody!


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