How to Stop Eating

A friend ask me today how I lost so much weight.


Because after my pregnancy, I lost 45 lbs in less than a year! That is an accomplishment!

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My friend, Jane, got pregnant a year ago with her fourth child. And she is, let’s just say, getting conscious with her weight. Can you blame her? Having four kids can do that to your body.

But it’s possible. Quite possible. Very possible in fact, 80% of slimming down comes from good dieting.

All we have to do is stop eating.


Yeah, I know. It’s hard.


Jane asked, ”I read a book to motivate myself to quit smoking… but how do I get motivated to stop eating?


The thing is, eating is even more addictive than smoking. We are biologically programmed to eat. It’s definitely NOT the same as smoking. If we don’t eat, we die. If you don’t smoke, you live longer! We can’t just not buy food or stay away from other eaters. Or chew a food substitute.

And unfortunately for the state of our waistlines, it seems we are also programmed to eat as much food as we can when food is plenty so that we are able to cope with lean times ahead.


Now the trouble is that these days there are no leaner times to use up our fat stores, so some of us (well a whole lot of us actually) just eat and eat to the point of obesity.

Those of us who want to be slim, simply have to learn to regulate ourselves, like it or not. We have to learn to read our body’s signals. To know when we are physically hungry and when we have had enough. We have to eat slowly and pay attention to our bodies.

And once you are aware that you have eaten enough you have to stop eating before you feel stuffed. And not start again until you are physically hungry.


There are a few strategies you can use to let your body (and mind) know it’s time to stop eating :-

  • Like smoking, eating too much (or eating when you’re not physically hungry) can be a kind of habit so if you stop yourself snacking or eating too much at each meal (using sheer willpower in the beginning) eventually you will be quite used to that and stop naturally.
  • If you like chocolate (like me) you may allow yourself a square with coffee at the end of your meal to signify that you have finished eating. You won’t mind stopping so much, because chocolate is coming :)
  • Some people find it useful to brush their teeth when eating is over. This may be a helpful strategy for Jane who used to use a cigarette to signal the end of a meal.
  • You could also use clearing the kitchen of all dishes and leftovers, rinsing out the sink and putting out the kitchen lights.


Jane is also asking how she can be motivated to WANT to stop eating.

For that you need to understand what you want to achieve by losing weight and keep reminding yourself how much you want to achieve it – every time you reach for food you don’t need.

If you don’t want to lose weight enough then the compulsion to eat will be too great. So reinforce your reasons by going through them (in your head or on paper) whenever you can.


You’ll be sexy… soon enough. I know. Trust me.


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