How to Survive Your First Week at Work

First impressions last. That’s why it is important to leave a good first impression on your new company.Your first week at work is crucial and will determine how your coworkers or bosses will treat you in the months, or even years to come.



Surviving your first week of work might sound stressful or even terrifying to some, but it is in fact quite simpler than you might expect. You just have to give a right amount of effort. Here are a few things to remember when going through your first week at work.


Take down notes.

Since it is your first week of work, it’s highly likely that you’ll receive a lot of pointers and tons of information on a daily basis. You should have a pen and paper as soon as they start giving you information. It’s an insult to people when they take the time to teach you stuff, and you forget about it the very next day.


Speak up.

During orientation or when talking to your new boss for the first time, make sure that you talk with a stern voice that is clear enough for your boss to understand. Most of the time, new employees are shy and quiet. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions or if you miss something that your boss said.


Find a buddy.

A lot of companies have buddy, trainer or team systems wherein you will be assigned a buddy or groupmates on your first week. They have been in the company longer than you so it’s important to listen to everything that they have to teach you.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about common things in the workplace. Schedule your break time or ask where they usually eat their lunch.


You may be on probation.

New employees are often put on “probation” during their first few months. This means that, you’re being monitored closely by your supervisor or boss. While others might get away from taking long smoke breaks or texting on the phone, you should try to avoid those things on your probationary period. Show that you are disciplined and can stay out of trouble.


Be confident.

Never feel insecure just because you’re new. You have to show your coworkers, and more importantly, your supervisor, that you were hired for a reason and they can rely on you to do your job. Shake hands firmly with everybody and be confident.


Blend in.

Although your goal is to be noticed by supervisors and stand out from the rest, you must also remember to blend in. You are new and your officemates or coworkers know more about the job than you do. Try to go with the flow at first, learn your job carefully and when you think you’re ready, then you can start suggesting new improvements for the team and company.


Following these tips will make your work-life a whole lot easier. Work hard, make friends, earn money and have fun!




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