How to Win Prizes Every Week In Filipino Book (Secrets Revealed)

Want to know how to win $20 for writing about what you love every week? Read on and find out!


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When I discovered this site, I was very happy, to say the least. Win prizes for writing about what you love? I mean, c’mon, it doesn’t get any better than that.  Being a freelance writer, I knew I just had to be a part of this great community… and, of course, to win prizes too.

I submitted my first entry, “No, I Am Not A Snob. An Introvert Speaks,”on April 22, 2012, and it won first place.

Overall, I’ve submitted seven articles to Filipino Book, four of those won first place and one won third.

I’m not saying I’m an expert at winning contests. Others have won so much more than I did. But I thought I’d share some of the ways I discovered on how to win that $20 dollars every week to encourage others to join in and grow this awesome site some more.

Write about something interesting, relatable, and helpful.

Well, this one’s pretty obvious. Write about something that people would want to read and share. Aim to help people by giving them information. You can also look for trending topics in both local and international searches and write about something people are “looking “ for at the moment. Check Google trends.

Write a Catchy Title

I bet my title caught your attention. Make sure that your title or headline will give reason enough for potential readers to click on them. Use powerful adjectives and proven headline formats.

Follow the Writing Guidelines.

I realized that the staff would immediately post your article if you followed all the guidelines they have set. Be sure that your article is well written and error-free. Read and master those rules here.

Promote on social media.

Tell your friends, family, and your online buddies about your article. Use the buttons to your advantage, share your post on Facebook, and then place something like “if you found this article helpful, I’d appreciate a ‘like.’” Tweet it with a similar message as well.

You have to keep in mind though that the article you share will be something your FB friends would like to read and not just ignore and is age-appropriate. Please don’t share an “explicit” article with your thirteen-year-old cousin in Facebook. Seriously.

The Power of Forums

Here’s a powerful tip that I started utilizing right after I “joined” Filipino Book. I joined a forum that I am very interested in and I placed a link in my signature box to my current Filipino Book article. I change that link every time I have a new article. It’s actually hitting two birds with one stone: I get to connect with people with whom I share the same interests with and I get to promote my article.

Blog about your article.

If you have a personal blog, you can post a link to your Filipino Book article from there and encourage your regular readers to read and share it. Do it subtly and naturally by mentioning it in a new post or placing it at your sidebar.

A Call to Action at the End of Your Article

Don’t end you article without literally asking people to share, like, or comment on your post. This is lesson I learned in freelance writing. A powerful call to action can do wonders for getting social media shares and comments. Asking a question is one of the best ways to garner comments.


So yeah, I practically gave my secrets away. LOL. But I do hope these tips can help old and new Filipino Book writers alike. It’s a great site with fun  “admins,” and I hope we can all be a part of it as it grows and becomes a great outsourcing platform.


How about you fellow Filipino Booker? Do you have some tips for winning prizes in our favorite writing contest? Please share them in the comments!


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Glori is a registered nurse but you can hire her as a freelance writer for your quality content needs. She writes, sometimes sarcastically, about her crazy introvert life on her blog, Crazy Introvert, in the hopes of connecting with other introverts like her. She likes ideas, fiction books, dogs, and life in general.

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  • JennyFilBook

    Great job again, Girl!

    • Glori Surban

      Thanks Jenny! haha! Thank goodness Ruben didn’t edit this article! Baka showgirl yung featured image ko! LOL

  • Dean

    Lol I have a simpler system– All the articles that my client don’t accept, I post it here :P

    squidoo and hubpages don’t give crap no more. I get better income here

    • Glori Surban

      Haha! That’s a good system too Dean! Thanks for sharing!

      I never tried squidoo or hubpages.. too time-consuming for me.

      Where do you usually freelance?

      • Dean

        Yep, it’s a great system! and I know Stella does the same thing too haha

        I’ve been working for the same client for the last year and a half now. I met him at elance.

        yeah I have over 50 articles on squidoo and hubpages, and I get like $2.50 a month for both lol not worth it. better in here, I get money for unwanted articles lol better milk it while it last hehe

        • Glori Surban

          Ugh. It’s good thing I never took those writing sites seriously.

          I think this site will last along time. Hopefully, it’ll grow and really become an outsourcing platform.

          At least what you write for your clients can be posted here. Mine are so x-rated, I’ll get banned from FilipinoBook if I post them. Hahaha!

          • Dean

            OMG, now you’ve done it. I want a peek!!! what’s the link? I wanna read hehe

          • Glori Surban

            Haha! Go to my site, and check my portfolio. Under creative writing..

          • Dean

            Haha awesome!

          • Glori Surban

            haha.. What can you say? LOL

          • Anonymous

            IKR. Haha. It was a fun read!

  • john

    nice tips maam..imma try this out :) )

    • Glori Surban

      welcome john! cool!

  • Anonymous

    LOL. I saw the site too. So naughty!

    • Glori Surban

      Haha… Okayyy…