“I gather garbage for cash and I’m not starving to death yet.”

“I don’t care how crazy is the idea that I’m gonna come up with as long as I get cash from it and it’s not evil.”


This is what I said to myself when I brainstormed for ways to find other opportunities for me to earn cash wherein I can work at my own time and pace so that I can assist my family in their financial difficulty.

And finally, a bright idea.


Literally, there’s cash in trash (can).
Props: kb.sikhway.com


“May pera sa basura” (There’s cash in trash), the cliche goes. “I will collect whatever junk I can get my hands on. And if I had to go dirty so that I’d get my so-called treasures then so be it!”


Fortunately for me, my classmate’s family owns a junk shop in a street nearby. I have to spend less on transportation.

I know what some of those who know me are thinking, “You don’t earn that much in collecting rubbish, it takes a lot of time and effort, it’s a dirty job! Stop embarrassing yourself because you’re doing it again!!!”

“Why do you even have to do this? You eat thrice a day, go to a private school, your parents have a business, and you’re a writer for crying out loud!!!”

I could just imagine on the look of some of their faces…

Props: knowyourmeme.com

Well aside from the aforementioned reason in the second paragraph, this is also my own way to make up for my shortcomings.

And so what if it’s not high-earning? I’m not the breadwinner of the family. At least, I’m contributing! I’m not like those other kids who only know DOTA and PBB Teens-like behavior!!!


Do my parents know about my new sideline? Hell yeah! At first, my mom showed a certain look of reluctance but both of them are supportive in my latest source of income.

As I started this new experience, the more respect I started to give to those whose livelihood is connected to garbage.

I basically go through what they encounter on a daily basis. Collecting under the heat of the sun, having to endure the smell of some trash while trying to get it, and the judgement of others.



On the afternoon of September 8, 2012, there was no class because of the preparation for the mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s birthday, so I sneaked out of the classroom. When I came back I carried a huge plastic bag filled with plastic bottles.

As the Living Rosary began, one of classmates asked me in Hiligaynon while I was carrying that bag, “Wala ka nahuya (sa ginaubra mo)?” (Aren’t you embarrassed with what you’re doing?”

I told him in a gangsta accent, “Hey, it ain’t illegal. So I might as well do it.”

Think about it, people. What makes a job disgraceful, its nature or one’s own  immorality while working?

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