I Love the Snow and I Hate the Sun

I love the snow — everybody does. It’s so beautiful, so elegant. It’s the simplest form of perfection… innocence.

Snow is oh so beautiful if you’re on a vacation. Maybe a snow cabin somewhere. But living there? Where you have to shovel the garage path every morning? Every freakishly cold morning — It sucks.

I digress.


Sun is beautiful too. Well, unless it’s too much sun. Where you sweat. Yuck.

Having a good, mild sunny day is amazing. It keeps your energy up, tantalizing your body to come out and enjoy the pastures. Go for some outdoor activity. Any activity, exercise (yuck), picnic (nice), walk in the park, walk the dog — any at all. Beautiful.

But too much sun? Causes heat, which causes you to sweat and stink. No matter what you do — you stink. You put on deodorant, so much deodorant — the sun will still win. You will sweat, attracting vicious microscopic bacteria to shit poop on your skin — most likely, your armpits — and stink.


Too much of anything, sucks. Just a dabble of everything is awesome.


Too much money, creates too much responsibilities, which in turn, causes you to lose time to have fun. And “time for fun” is the most precious thing on Earth. Yet, nobody realizes that. Everybody has been brainwashed by the Government.

Yet, too little money sucks too. Being poor sucks way worse. You try to find money, you end up in a depressing job, which causes you to live paycheck to paycheck, which causes all of your time to be spent working. It sucks, way worse.


But a little of both is great! You work low hours (preferably home-based) and be able to spend a lot of time with your family (which is everything) — and basically, spend the rest of the day to have fun. It’s awesome!


But how do we get there? How do we get to a point where a small time spent on working is enough to pay the bills?


Simple. Just do what you love and figure out a way to make money off it.

I said simple, I never said it was going to be easy. It’s hard, life will make it  hard for you — that’s a guarantee — but it’s going to be worth it — that’s also a guarantee.


Spending your whole life working for a company, paying taxes, being a zombie — is a meaningless way to spend a lifetime. A waste of life. We only have one shot at life — be careful how you spend it.

Do what you love and the money will follow. The money will follow because you work harder on your passion. The quality of your work is better, the time you spent on it is longer, the product is so much more amazing than if you were forced to do something.


Being a bank teller (let’s just say), you will have a “so-so to horrible” work ethic, because you were forced by your manager to smile, handle money and do paperwork. Even if you don’t feel like smiling.

But teaching (let’s say you love teaching) will get you “better to awesome” results. The quality of time you spend on your students is amazing. The research time you do on how and what to teach is endless. You never stop working, even if you’re not paid anymore (after hours). You will be a great teacher.


Oh yes, I quit my horrendous job and became a poor writer — but now I have so much more than I can have.

I hope you do too.




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