I Told My Boss to “Go to Hell! I Quit!”

I’m a writer. And I am fulfilled.


Five years ago, I did what millions of people wish they could do…. I told my boss to “Go to Hell! I quit!”



Five years ago, if you ask me, I would’ve said, “I’m a hotel receptionist and I am miserable!”

I was 27. And life didn’t really start till I was 27. I didn’t know anything about life at all! I was… just… surviving. I wasn’t living!


Every new year, I did my resolution, I reflected on my life, and I’d always get frustrated. I didn’t know what to do next. I felt I haven’t found my place in the world yet.

Sound familiar?


25-30, is a crucial part of our lives. We know how to dress nice, walk in heels, been a bridesmaid or groomsmen a few times– we discover a whole lot about life. Life rocks! We’re old enough to live on our own now, be it renting a room or apartment (but please, get out of your mom’s house… please).

You don’t have that much responsibilities yet (not much at that age), you are still young enough to have fun! Lots of it. So you can either wisely use that time to rock your world or stupidly worry about things you shouldn’t yet.


Whether you’re single, dating or married (or married with kids)… You might be lucky to have your dream job, or good-enough-to-pay-the-bills kind of job or a downright horrible job.

But the best thing about this is, we’re young enough to change our lives! We don’t have that much responsibilities yet, if we have kids, grandma and grandpa are still willing to help us… Until we can be “set”— until we find our way in this unforgiving world.


I’m 32 now. How did I get a fulfilled life? First, let’s break down the basics. If you’re in denial, if there’s something missing, if there’s a hole, or a void, and if you’re not happy… then you’re not living at all, you’re merely surviving!

If you’re coping, always trying to fill an explainable hole in your life, a void– then you’re not really happy… you’re merely getting by.


Five years ago, I was so stressed out with my work, I cope up with partying, shopping (we’ve been there) and various stress relievers. Of course, I was just trying to survive till the next paycheck!

This is not what life is all about. This is not living!


I got down right then and there, “I surrendered.” I prayed and prayed… and prayed some more. “What am I to do, God?

“This isn’t life… help me… please.”

Somewhere, somehow, there was a voice, a voice told me  to “quit.”

Huh? Then how am I suppose to survive?”

The voice answered, “To get what you want, you must first let go and give your complete trust unto Him.”

Let me repeat, to get what you want, you must first let go and give your complete trust unto Him.

HE knows what’s best for you, he can weave a life that’s a million times better than what you got for yourself right now.


The next day, I was super-duper, super, super, super NERVOUS. I confronted my boss and told her to…

Actually, I didn’t. I froze. Fear struck and I still worked a slavery system our downright, super-bitter boss designed.


This went on for three more months. Pathetic.

Then I heard that voice again, “why are you still suffering? You know what you must do…”

I felt comfort… a loving comfort, from something. Or someone. I wasn’t sure, but I felt at peace… I felt courage, I felt strength. I knew what had to be done.


The next day, I went in front of my boss’ face… “Stop screaming at your workers! Go to hell! I quit!”

I never saw her again, I got a hundred text messages from my co-workers saying that “I’m their hero…”


To be continued. End of part one — Read part two here.


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