8 Things I Learned about Life (I Told my Boss to “Go to Hell!” – Part 2)

Part 2 of – I told my boss to go to hell! I quit!


The next day, I went in front of my boss’ face… “Stop screaming at your workers! Go to hell! I quit!”


I never saw her again, I got a hundred text messages from my co-workers saying that “I’m their hero…”



What I learned next…


I learned, the very first step in “living” is to find out what you really want.

This is the first and foremost… the most important aspect in our lives.

What is it you really want? Do you love your job? Or are you just doing something your family forced you to do? Did “they” want you to become a doctor? Nurse? Engineer? or inherit their business? Is that what you really want? Or are you just settling because it pays the bills?


Then I learned, I was still young enough and I had time to pursue my dreams.

I did what I really wanted to do and made my life a hundred times better!

I practiced writing (something I always wanted to do) and signed in on odesk. I earned puny at first (like $1 per article), but I got better! A year passed and I was working full time for three different clients. I get $748 a month… I know I know, it’s not that much but it pays my rent, debts and grocery!


I was happy!

I didn’t find myself filling the “hole” or the “void” anymore. I didn’t feel the need to party, drink or shop (well, I still shopped a bit… what can I say? I’m a girl!), I was completely happy, at home, and in front of my laptop.

I only spend five hours a day writing articles for clients and spend the rest of the day hanging out with friends and family.

And for the record, I started out “horrible” at writing. Now, I am “so-so” :)


Friends and family are the only things that really matter in life.

Years ago, a top manager our the hotel retired because of cancer. On his goodbye party, he left a valuable parting message.

A message from my former manager:

I’m now retired at 50. Not sure what to do next. But I know all those stressful, unhappy, unhealthy years of working was the cause of this cancer. The doctor told me years ago that if I continue living this stressful lifestyle, my health would be at risk. But no, I had to reach the top. I put my career first.

I wish, and I’m saying this to all of you, I wish I spent more time with my family. I think about my life and all I remember is work, work, work… I never realized that family is the single most important thing in this world. I reached the top management position in this hotel because I thought it would make me happy. But no, I was still unhappy.

No matter how high my position is in this company, I will be replaced in a matter of days, but my family would forever live with the pain. Why then, did I spend so much time at work when family was and “always was” the only thing I needed.

Please, follow my advice, spend more time with your family and be happy.

That was a valuable parting message to us by Mr. Paredez, the top operations manager of the hotel. That message struck through our hearts, never to be forgotten… At least I hadn’t.


I stayed out of debt.

This is the second hardest thing to do. This is the “initiation” of adulthood. When our parents “released” us, we went on to live like wild animals, we partied hard, we shopped hard… then we found ourselves in massive debt. Now we are trapped, working a horrible job just to pay the bills.

Get out of debt, period!


Nourish your spirituality.

While it’s always good to visit your local worship place each week, but if you can’t, just read the bible each day. Read a spiritual text everyday. Any spiritual text will do (whatever your religion is). Read one chapter a day. And pray. Period.


Don’t rush marriage.

It’s an age for serious relationship, but don’t rush it. I know a lot of friends who just had to “find someone” because everybody else is in a relationship. Don’t hurry it up. Time will come. God will provide for you. God and the universe will give you your own “serendipity” and will live happily ever after. Trust me. This is my love story.

I didn’t meet my hubby till I was 28. But before that, I had a few fling with guys with no substance whatsoever. So don’t rush it, it will come, if you’re doing your share of living and not getting stuck with your depressing job, then you’ll do good.Chill… Relax. Smile!


And the most important lesson is… Don’t get stuck.

You’re stuck. You’re maybe waiting for your visa, waiting for a stroke of luck or settling for that miserable job… Don’t get stuck! That is not the right path for you… it’s a miserable, empty path.

Start now. Figure out what you want, do something about it. Every single day, do something that gets you closer to your dream.

Ambria wrote a great article.

So while working a graveyard shift at a call center, practice writing on the side. While waiting for your visa abroad, get yourself to a baking school, auto repair school, programming school or whatever… Travel! Do lots of traveling! Traveling is a fun and mind-opening experience. Go travel, explore and meet new people. Whatever works for you, whatever is your passion. Go! Claim it!


25-30 is a crucial time in our lives. It’s the time when we try to figure out ourselves… the time to figure out our lives.

There are two kinds of 30 year olds…

  1. The ones that got stuck and are still living in their high school/college glory days,
  2. And the ones who used their 20′s to figure out their lives and did something about it…


This is YOUR life. You have one shot at it, go and rock your world!


About Andrea

An anonymous being, a writer hidden in the shadows; I come with the darkest clouds and pen darker thoughts to paper. I am the fog, the shadow, the mist. Come see me and you will never go back.

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  • Roselly Alvarez

    Thanks Ms. Andrea because of this article I’m now earning some extra cash from odesk. Thanks again and God Bless.

    • Andrea


      Kinda ironic how you brought this up now.

      I literally just got off talking to an old acquaintance of mine. 2 years ago, I suggested odesk to her. She tried it. And made 25 pesos a week for the first 6 months.

      Now (after 2 years), she’s making 4,000+ a week for 3 hours a day of work. Imagine that. She wakes up at 8, starts working at 9am, then finish by 12noon. Then she’s off to go malling, or shopping, or wherever she wants for the rest of the day.

      What a great life!

      Her call center job before earned her that same amount for 40 hrs a week of work (plus commute and lunch, probably 60+ hrs a week)

      with this, I’m sure she can earn more if she put in more hours, but as of right now, she’s enjoying her single life. She has all the time in the world. :)

      So, if you’re into article writing, there are tons of great freelancing sites out there which pays more than odesk. I work for a private employer now, but back then there were dozens of freelancing sites.

      Im happy to hear you’re doing good. Good luck and Cheers!