If Steve Jobs was Filipino, would he still be successful?

No. Of course not! Did you expect a different answer?

Seriously, we all know it. You know it. If Steve Jobs was born in the Philippines, he wouldn’t have revolutionized the world.


But this isn’t about Steve Jobs — I had to catch your attention somehow. (sorry)

Author’s note: Thanks for the title, anonymous dude!

Moving on.

The best thing that ever happened to me (and I thank God I was lucky enough to), was to travel.

Travelling opened my mind. It blew my head! I’ve been living as a bitter, close minded, immature creature for the first part of my life! I blamed everybody else for everything bad happening to me. It was always somebody else’s fault — I truly regretted that. I’m ashamed of that part in my life.

But what the hey, the past is the past. Moving on.


I am so glad I was able to travel and meet different cultures in the world.


For one, people are kinder. (Let’s say, the US), people say “hi” “hello” to kindred spirits. If you belong to the same spa, grocery line, resort, neighborhood, etc. — people talk, acknowledge and greet each other.

It’s so easy to build connections! (and pick up chicks)  If Mr. Jobs was born in the Philippines, he wouldn’t have the same amount of network connections he needed to succeed.

People don’t greet each other here in the PH. When was the last time you said hi to somebody in the elevator?

I was looking at some random dude’s shades in the mall. I was about to tell him he had cool shades and was gonna ask him where he bought those. Instead, he came up to me first and yelled, “anong tinitingin mo?!?”

Geez. So angry.


Second, Mr. Jobs wouldn’t have gotten the ability to dream.

Seriously, Steve Jobs’ entire life was all about his dreams and visions. He became great because he was a visionary. Steve Jobs wouldn’t be Steve Jobs if he had No visions.


A year ago, I was invited to a seminar of the guy who wrote “rich dad, poor dad” in San Francisco. Of course I didn’t go! I went fishing instead. (I caught a nice tasty halibut in SF bay)

But I did get the brochure. The talk was based on one main point. Rich dads train their kids to be rich, while poor dads train their kids to be poor.


Great concept. He had a bunch of successful nationwide seminars because that concept. And now that I think about it, I really should read his book.


Rich dads take their kids with them in their business offices, teach them inventories, management aspects, how to handle money, they talk about money and business during family dinner, etc. — you get the point. Their kids learn how to make money.

While poor dads train their kids how to survive on less food, less money, and how to survive as a minimum wage worker. In short, they trained their kids how to be poor!


Hey, don’t hate. I did not write this concept. It’s in the brochure. Contact the original author if you have issues.


Moving on.

I wrote something on “why gas is more expensive in the Philippines.” And people actually concentrated on the problem more, rather than the solution. Wow.

They explained it was because of imports and politics. Geez, who cares. I was looking somewhere along the lines of “maybe we can increase salary per capita of the country to cope up with the gas prices? Because, you know… we want solutions. Not problems.

But nobody cared about solutions. They told me to live with it because it’s just the way it is. “It’s just the way it is” – disgusting concept.


Society trained you to “settle for less.”

I was stuck in the Philippines for the first part of my life, and all I thought was, this was just the way it is. Traffic is normal, pollution is normal, people are angry, and the rest of the world is in this state too.

But it’s not! The world is beautiful! Except if you live in crowded cities like LA and NY — there is no traffic! Pollution isn’t normal. People aren’t bitter. Roads are awesome. And gas is not expensive. :)


Society taught you to live with potholes, traffic, meager wages, etc. – you’ve settled for less!


A lot of people will agree with me on this – travelling will open your mind and teach you how to  dream again.

You will not settle for crappy roads (when you pay expensive taxes), traffic, expensive food (yes, it is more expensive), you will not learn to “live with less” anymore. You will start to question it. Find solutions. You will say, “I deserve better!”

No matter how many small minded creatures tell you to live with it and settle for less — you will not have it! You have seen the world! The world is a beautiful place! Everything is peaceful. You get fair treatment. Roads, traffic, everything is fixed because you pay taxes. Your taxes actually work!

You’ve already experienced that wonderful world. You can’t settle for less anymore, like they have trained you to.


Creatures will still be there. Lingering around. Afraid for you to ascend because they know they’ll get left behind. Any chance they get, they’ll tell you to quit and learn to live meagerly like they do. They don’t want you to succeed!

Be off with them! They don’t care about you. You shouldn’t care about them too.

Dream! Dream big!


The biggest problem in this country is, people have been trained to “settle for less.” Dreams are crushed. You will be publicly crucified if you have dreams. You are not allowed to ask for anything better. For anything better for yourself and for your family. You are not allowed to ascend while creatures get left behind.

Who are you to ask for better roads? For higher wages? For better economy?” Sound familiar? It should. Those are the creatures’ voices.


But traveling fixes all that. Seeing the world teaches you to dream again. To ask for something better.

Imagine if 60 million Filipinos started asking for better traffic system, for better lifestyle, for better economy — just imagine it. That’ll be the cure we’ve all been longing for.

But then again, it’s too late for some. They have been trained and hardened by society. They took to heart the concept of “settling for less, and accepting everything bad as a part of one’s life.”

You cannot change everybody, it’s too late for some.


But it’s not too late for you. Yes, you. You can dream. Dream big.

You should travel. (If you haven’t already) People will do everything they could to make you stay here… tell them to duck off. (I misspelled the word “duck”)

Set goals. Set dreams. Tell yourself today that you’d want to see the world someday. Tell yourself that everyday. Let that incubate.


I’ve planted a seed today. Out of hundreds who might read this, one or two will want to travel now.

They’ll want it, they’ll dream it. And the rest, will be up to the universe. Their subconscious will work 24/7, they will get random ideas out of nowhere,

  • “maybe if I save my money, next year I can apply for a tourist visa…” 
  • “Maybe I can ask my aunt in New Zealand to help me out.” 
  • “Maybe I can ask my company to sponsor me. After all, I’ve worked hard!”

Now holy hell, where did all these ideas suddenly come from? It’s from that seed, that dream, that hope, that wish, your subconscious, the universe — or whatever you want to call it. The seed we call our dreams, grew. And someday it will turn into a massive tree – You will achieve your dreams.


And someday, when the time comes, you will tell your kids, nephews, nieces, neighbor’s kids, friend’s kids… your story. How you started from “settling for less” to dreaming big!

How you worked hard, travelled, made money and achieved success!

You will teach the next generation to dream big, work hard, and achieve success. You will teach them to be rich!


Instead of settling for less.


That reminds me… I need to tell that baranggay captain to fix the damn road!


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