I’m 32 and I’m Still a virgin

Article by: Jovelyn


Here I am, 32 years old, yet still single.



There’s nothing wrong in my personality. I remember my high school days being beautiful and popular. I had lots of admirers, but there was only one who got my attention. He was my classmate but our relationship didn’t last, because he was transferred to another school.


After a year of separation, I fell in love with another guy. He was my classmate and we had a very passionate relationship. We stayed as a couple till we finished high school. I thought our relationship would last forever because we had big plans to get married. But unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be! I was shocked to know he got MARRIED! I felt betrayed and self-pitied myself because of the great love I had in my heart. It’s a painful thought I would like to forget.


I tried to move on and get busy with my work. I was very successful in my career which I wish it was the same in terms of love.


After 4 years I gave myself a chance to search for new love. So, I joined an online dating site and I met an American guy. In the beginning, we started to chat for fun, but it became serious. Slowly, I got more and more involve. I started missing his messages and so as he. I’M IN LOVE!

He made plans to come to the Philippines to meet me and my family. I was very excited and was counting the days to see him. On the day of his flight…HE PASSED AWAY!

His death brought me great grief and sorrow. I missed him so much that I wanted to die also!


It took me one year to overcome my loss of the “man I loved, but didn’t meet.” I had my family and friends support me to move on in my life. So I started to go out with the manager of the company where I worked in.

One day as I was chatting with my fellow employee and she told me she met our manager’s wife! I couldn’t believe “What I heard!” Could that be really true? My love life really sucks!

Thank God it didn’t go any further. This relationship that lasted only two months, makes me believe that I’ll never meet Mr. Right!


Being 32 years old and still a virgin is not acceptable in the world ruled with certain ethical moral principles different from the one I been raised by.

I was brought up in a religious family that believed A GIRL SHOULDN’T GIVE HER SELF AWAY TILL SHE’S MARRIED! And I believed in that too! THERE’S A RIGHT TIME FOR RIGHT PERSON, FOR EACH ONE OF US.


Article by: Jovelyn

I’m not a good writer but I love to write…Masaya din, Malungkot din ( Karanasan Ng OFW) this is my first book under my name as a writer..:)

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  • http://crazyintrovert.com/ Glori | Crazy Introvert

    Hi Jovelyn… Thanks for sharing your experience!

    At least nakatry ka ng love life te!

    But I’m a little confused with this line: “Being 32 years old and still a virgin is not acceptable in the world ruled with certain ethical moral principles different from the one I been raised by.”

    What do you mean by it?

    • Ruben

      You should not be a virgin anymore by 32 :D D preferably 16 ha ha ha

      • http://crazyintrovert.com/ Glori | Crazy Introvert

        LOL. Sorry it’s the OC in me…
        I’m just not comfortable with people using the words “ethical” and “moral” loosely.
        … basta it’s too long to explain here…
        I’ll sound like a philosophy professor if I get started.

        My work here is done! LOLOLOLOL

  • Jay

    Jovelyn, I don’t know you but I send alot of respect and positive thoughts your way for being so candid about your life and for still being a virgin. It’s very tough to hold out especially when most people don’t. But this is something that a future husband will definitely cherish. I say this because I could only imagine finding someone who’s a virgin who still believes in love over here in the USA (NYC to be exact). I hope you find Mr. Right. Don’t give up. He’s bound to pop up when you least expect it. That’s just how life is. I wish you much blessings and prosperity in your love life.