Internet Addiction: a good thing or a bad thing?

Are you addicted to your Internet connection? Are you one of those crazy folks that can’t wait to read emails and facebook updates with your morning coffee?

Then this article’s for you!


Doctors are calling it a serious addiction combined with: Cybersexual Addiction, Computer Addiction and Cyber-Relational Addiction. They even managed to stamp cool names for it, like Internet Addictive Disorder (IAD) or the Internet Overuse Syndrome (IOS).

Based on the latest research and simple human reasoning. Internet addiction should not be labeled as addiction like gambling or drug addiction. There should be a strict line that distances other addictions from Internet addiction.

Staying in touch with your friends or watching funny YouTube videos is not a destructive behavior which usually characterizes major addictions. If you gamble on the internet then you are not addicted to the internet, but online gambling. Internet is a wonderful tool, it gets a bad rep here and there, but for the most part, the Internet has revolutionized our world.

Imagine our world today without the Internet. It would still be a scattered world that lacks connectivity and information. The Internet connected all of us, made us more informative, and less naive. And studies shows — the Internet made our world (people) smarter.


It was a genius concept, really. Just share your information to the rest of the world and the world would do the same for you. There! It made the whole world more informative and a lot smarter.

It’s not TV or beer — the Internet is mankind’s greatest invention! Period.

The Internet revolutionized our world and we should be thankful we get to live in this day and age.



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