Kamay ng Diyos (Hand of God)

August 3 – 1 AM

The city may have the worst days but I am determined to get the best stories out of this calamity yet. My sources tell of this heroic policeman who rescued 20-30 people in Norte Kalayaan Village. Not to mention he also bagged 4 robbers just last night. This man is really something. I got to get to him before any of the other networks do.



“Sir Simon we’re here”, my pilot said.

“Then let’s get this story rolling!”, I shouted in excitement.

Though this story is making my head insane, the sight of the Norte Kalayaan Gym and the people inside it is heartbreaking. Super typhoon ‘Tonio’ really did a number of this part of the city. Pity as it should be, I am not here to cover these people. I must look for that SPO2 Macaraig, ASAP!

After bumping off these herd of victims, I finally got to the officer. He looks worn down. I’d say he has not slept since the flood started.

“Do you have the food?!”, he desperately screamed.

I replied, “No Sir. My name is Simon Raymundo from MBS network 9. I’d like to capture your story of heroics so that it may uplift the Filipino people with our recent tragedy.”

He turned his back on me and walked away saying, “We’ve been requesting food and supplies for these victims since yesterday and all they gave me is this pathetic man from the media. If you are not going to help us, might as well leave, you fucking inbred!”

Hero or not, that is just rude. Doesn’t he know media should be respected? He’s got some balls disrespecting me. Fuck it! I badly need him and that interview. Need to swallow his BS for now.

I quickly followed him and begged for the interview. Explaining that this story brings hope to nation. I also told him I’d follow up the relief goods with my network and the local government ASAP. That reminds me, I really should do a story on incompetent government and its agencies. 3 years since has passed since typhoon ‘Undoy’, we are still at ground zero. Anyway he finally stopped walking and agreed to do a short interview.

Then SP02 Macaraig started to talk, “First of all, sorry for what I said earlier. We just need food for all these people in the gym. Both the volunteers and the 80 families have not eaten for almost 12 hours now. I don’t know why you want to know more of what I did. I was just doing my job. August 1 about 5 pm, we started the rescue operation on this village as the rainfall and flood got worse. All in all we rescued 28 people until yesterday. That’s it!”

I asked the officer, “Can you give our viewers some more details of those people saved and how you did it? I believe last night you were able to capture 4 members of the Akyat-Bahay Gang. How did you do this by yourself and with the flood and whatnot?”

He then answered, “Yes I did. It disgusts me to think this gang took advantage of the worst situation. I waited all night for those 6 men. I could not sit around and wait. Justice must be served to Severino family especially to the children. Sorry Simon, I’d like to go on. Maybe on another day, I’m tired and we have another rescue operation in about 30 minutes. There are still people trapped in the village.”

I tried to chase him while asking, “6 men? I thought there were only 4 captured? Where can I find the Severino Family? Are they in the gym as well?!”

Macaraig hopped into the rubber boat drove off. Leaving the story I hunger for behind.

“Don’t ever get near them or I’ll have you arrested!”, He shouted as the boat disappears into the dark night.”

I smiled and shouted back, “I won’t!”

Like hell I’d listen to a policeman. Even the President himself will not stop me from getting to the bottom of this.

My cameraman patted my back and said, “It’s okay Simon. Let’s get you another story. Let’s just work on the sad stories of the flood victims.”

“No! I will not settle for the same news as the other networks do! We deserve better. Let’s leave these scraps for the others. FIND ME THAT SEVERINO FAMILY IN THIS JUNGLE!”, I screamed at the camerman’s face.


August 3 – 2 AM

Finally after bribing a colleague of Macaraig, I found the family who was taking refuge at a police car outside the gym. The family was sleeping except for the mother who was smoking at the back of the car.

I talked to her and wanted an interview. She refused at first but was willing to talk if the money is right. I hesitated for that kind of money she’s asking. But what the hell, I believe every bit of the story is worth it. So I gave in.

She told me her daughter will give the interview when she wakes up in the morning. I tried to sleep but the excitement is not letting me. My head is exploding just thinking when this news gets out tomorrow.


August 3 – 4 AM

Mrs. Severino woke me up and told me her daughter ‘Daisy Mae’ was ready for the interview. In the background though, Mr. Severino was cursing at us while holding the 12 years old child.

“What were you thinking Conchita?! After all the trauma our daughter and the family has taken, you’re letting Daisy take an interview? For God’s sake, let our daughter be! You should be mourning instead of fucking around!”, Mr. Severino angrily said.

“Shut your pie hole! The country should know the tragedy that has fallen to us! And what have you done so far? Nothing but incompetence! We lost everything in the flood. How will we go on tomorrow Rodrigo? Mr. Simon here is generous enough to make a big donation to us. We should be thankful to him and let our Daisy Mae share her horrific story so that others can be warned!”, Mrs. Severino answered back as she slaps her husband.

Mr. Severino walked out.

I then prepped the little girl explaining to her the importance of her story. Imagining what she had been through, I felt such a heartless bastard. Be that as it may, this is more important than pity. Thank goodness she was willing to talk. So we started the interview.

“Sir Simon, I believe in you and the power of TV can give hope to those in distress just like us. I am telling this story despite our tragedy because I think I owe SPO2 Macaraig for rescuing me. The whole nation should know his bravery.”, the little girl said.

So she began telling every inch of her incredible story to the camera.


August 1 – 12:30 PM

By this time, my sister ‘Jenny’ and I were horsing around the house because the classes were suspended. My mom however was worried about the rain and was calling my dad to come. Lola came out of her room also and started to watch TV.


August 1 – 3 PM

Panic rained over our street as our neighbors started to evacuate. Some refused to leave, including us, even though the flood was already knee-high. By that time, Dad arrived. My mom was hysterical and scolding Dad that he should start moving all of our things upstairs. Mom was very concerned of all our stuffs in the house. She kept blaming my Dad that we should have gotten a better house elsewhere where flood was not a problem. Poor dad, putting up with my mom like that. Jenny and I started to help Dad.

My lola however was praying in the altar and kept telling us that we should pray also as this is the great flood as foretold in the bible. I don’t know if Lola was going mad but she just kept talking about the wrath of God towards the sinners. We just ignored like we always do.


August 1 -  5 PM

Mother was crying over the car downstairs and how long we saved up for that. Again my Dad received all of Mother’s misery. Dad was more concerned of Lola’s well being as the last call for evacuation was announced by the last boat in our street. I was starting to get scared also as the water is beginning to reach our 2nd floor. Jenny was calm. She was still online in her network page at this crisis. Imagine that!

By 5:30 pm, Dad took the matter on to his own hands and defied mom’s decision to stay. The last boat patrol was there in our street, he asked all of us to get aboard. First my lola was took in, then my mom and then my dad. My mom was still crying over our house and stuff. When they were about to take me in, the current of the flood started to get strong and the boat was drifted away–leaving me and my sister alone. They shouted they’ll come back for us. Jenny started to cry and so did I. We went back to the house trying to get a hold of ourselves in this calamity.


August 1 -  8 PM

We saw a light outside the window. We didn’t have any kind of light at home. We thought it was the rescuers. It was not a rubber boat; however it’s an improvised boat using plastic containers. Whoever it is we are desperate for help. We started to shout to those people and begged for rescue. The boat stopped at our neighbor’s house. We thought it was Mr. Razon trying to save his things. 15 minutes later they came out of the house and went to our house.

Apparently these men are not rescuers. They took all the things we have left and told us to shut up. I’d say they were 6 of them. We didn’t say any word but was scared to death as one these men carried a gun.

When they were done, we were able to breathe again.

It appears that they are not done with us yet. Suddenly they grabbed Ate Jenny and went to my lola’s room. I tried to fight but one of those robbers slapped me and tied me. Ate was screaming for life for the next hour. That was the longest hour in my life. I cried and cried. I prayed so hard the whole time. Begging God for mercy over me and my sister!


Then I heard a shot!

One of the robbers was upset, kept cursing how he was not able to get his turn. Then they threw my sister in the flood outside as if she was like a trash all used up and was good for nothing anymore. Then that same robber approached me and started to undress me. I was terrified that he will do the same horrible things to me!

But God gave me a savior, I heard a rescue boat approaching. The robbers scattered like flies and escaped within seconds.

SP02 Macaraig arrived together with two other men. They saved me. In the boat, my sister was lying. She’s not moving. I hugged her for the last time.

When we got to the gym, I told the officer everything. I’ve never seen anyone so mad like he was. He vowed justice will be served for me and my sister.

Then last night he came back with 4 of the robbers. I don’t know how he did it but he was able to capture them all by himself.

Thank God for Mr. Macaraig, my hero and savior!


August 3 – 5 AM

I’d like to ask Daisy Mae questions about her story but next thing I know I was flattened to the ground. Surprisingly SP02 has come back and knocked me out with his punch.

“Fuck you Simon! I told you to stay out of Daisy and her family! Don’t you have any kind of sympathy for them and this catastrophe?!”, he spitted in my face.

A very fitting image of hero cop if I can just stick a sedative to him. Just when I was about to stand up and reason with the man, everyone shouted in the gym!

All of us hurried to the gym.


August 3 -  5:30 AM

The commotion was caused by a man standing at the roof of the gym. SPO1 Benedicto was threatening to kill himself. This man lost everything in the flood. He lost his wife and 3 children. Their house was pulverized by a mudslide in Rizal. While we were busy taking coverage of this man, Macaraig shockingly said that man was part of his unit and knew the man. Nobody can reason with suicidal cop. And right before our eyes, he jumped. He was lying on the ground, just a meter from us.

Macaraig approached me and scorned, “You want the biggest story? There’s your story! Why would a man like that kill himself? One day they’re helping you in the rescue operations and the next thing you know they are the ones who needs real help. Where is God in all of these?”

I was silenced.

“SPO2! Let’s have breakfast!”, we heard Daisy shouted joyfully as the sun started to rise.

She was running towards us carrying food. It appears the relief goods are finally here.

Macaraig looked at me then smiled.


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