Katapusan (The End)

Today is the day Wendy cursed love. Her lover left her for another girl. Alone she weeps by the river. Trying to find comfort in its solace. Crying and shouting words teens dare not mention at that age. Cursing God even for the unrighteous sorrow she never deserved. Her heart is now filled with hate and anger. Somehow this feeling made her a little bit better.

Angels seem to pity Wendy’s troubles. Rain started to accompany the poor gal. Wendy smiled and said, “Now I can hide my pain.” Her tears poured as hard as the rain.

In a tree by the river, she found shelter. Dumbfounded, Wendy failed to notice that an old man was sitting there even before the rain began. Resting on his lap was a woman. The old man couldn’t help but notice Wendy’s sobbing. He asked, “Whats troubling you little lady?“

Wendy was surprised that someone was talking to her. She quickly got back to her senses and told the stranger her the whole miserable story.

She ended her story with a question to the old man, “What is love all about? And what kept you and your wife to stay this long? I envy the two of you!”.

The old man smiled. Asked her to come sit next to him. He then wiped the tears from her face. Then he started to talk.

“Love is a selfless commitment. It’s not all beauty like the flowers near the river nor the falls at the top of this hill. This tree right here is a lot like love. Rain or shine, it’s here. Never moving from the harshness of the world neither from the sunlight it gives. As it grows, it shelters you even better. This is the tree of life. Because love is endless. Love is God.”

The troubled girl was speechless. Trying to understand the vague knowledge spoke by the old man. “I don’t get you! I’ll ask your wife instead!”

She rudely grabbed the woman but the man stopped her. “No, you can’t.”, the old man said in soft voice.

“Why?”, Wendy wondered. The man stood up and looked away. Wendy came near him and asked again, “Why, old man!?”

The man looked her in the eye saying, “Because she’s dead.

Wendy was shocked and looked at the woman. “What happened!?” she asked in fear.

The man went back to sit by her wife and took her in his arms again. He said in tears, “Cancer killed her today. And…and…I need to be with her forever. So i guess you should go away now. You don’t need to see what’s next. She’s waiting for me.”

Wendy ran away as fast as she could.

Seeing this sight, the old man whispered, “This my child…is love.”



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