Kids Cured Grandpa’s “Old” Disease

A story from my friend and former co-worker, Mark Murrow, who was too lazy to post this himself :)


Kids’ say (or rather do) the darnedest things. And sometimes when you need it the most, kids will make you laugh your heart out.


Google Earth surprise for mommy

This is a story about how my kids made me laugh my heart out.


I remember one weekend when my wife went on a business trip. I was left taking care of our two little rascals. Jerry and Marcus, five and three respectively.

They were in their usual “energizer bunny” mode. Running around the house, down the backyard, past the garage and through the house all over again. It was dizzying.

Grandpa got exhausted watching them and started his “senior nap time.”


I couldn’t chase them all around the house. So I got stern and called them to stick by my side as I worked on my computer.

Big mistake!


“What’s this, daddy?” The rascals were scourging through their mom’s dresser.


“How about this one?”

“Make up.”

“And this?”

And so on and so forth. I couldn’t concentrate on my work.


“Look, you boys get to ask one last question. After that, it’s quiet time, coz daddy’s got to work, okay?”

“Awww. Okay, how ’bout this one?”

I looked closely, “anti-aging cream.”

The boys looked confused. ”What’s that mean?”

“It keeps your mom young.”

They looked at each other in confusion and dashed off downstairs. I just didn’t have the energy to run after them. I was a bit relieved in a way — some quiet time — finally.


A few minutes later, I got worried. I couldn’t concentrate. What were they doing downstairs? Grandpa was asleep, so who would watch them when they do something stupid? Like eat a bug (again).


I got downstairs. Much to my surprise, they were rubbing anti-aging cream on their poor grandpa’s face!

“Grandpa’s gonna be so happy when he wakes up,” they whispered.


I was frozen, I didn’t know how to react. They were applying unbelievable amounts of cream on grandpa’s face! Poor grandpa, still snoring soundly on his “senior nap time.”


I laughed.

I just couldn’t help it; I laughed and giggled. I laughed till I dropped  down the floor, then I laughed some more.


Oh, wouldn’t it be nice to be a kid again. So naive, so innocent, so unpredictable— yet, so fun.


I realized I’ve been too busy with work lately (even taking it home) that I became a downright boring adult (my kids’ words, not mine). I forgot what it felt like to be young. I’ve been spending way too much time with other adults — or rather “old people” at work — that I forgot what it felt like to be young again.


Kids exude youthfulness, energy, innocence and vigor! It’s contagious. Sure, taking care of them can be a headache, but there are perks too. They have something that you need the most right now (and you didn’t even know it). They have youth.

They have the innate ability to teach us something important that we’ve so long forgotten…. They teach us to have fun.


We’ve been too caught up doing adult stuff, adult responsibilities, that we’ve forgotten one of the most basic concept of humanity. Have fun.


Anti-aging creams don’t work. Tomorrow, grandpa will still look like a 73 year old man like he always did. But the kids, the kids keep me young. The kids remind me to slow down with the growing old stuff and have fun once in a while.

The kids are my anti-aging cream.



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