Life: Prevention vs Suffering – UN Backs President’s Contraceptive Battle

As the Catholic bishops led a rally last Saturday with thousands of followers blindly protesting the contraceptive (RH) bill, the Philippine President gained a powerful ally today in the form of the UN.



Moral beliefs vary in different forms. The catholic dominant country believes that prevention of life is just as bad as abortion. While the rest believe that giving birth to a life of suffering is far worse.


You basically have two choices:

1) plan out a good life for your future family

2) give birth now and let them live a life where poverty is very real.

Let’s be honest, the Philippines is in a state of poverty. So most Filipinos will be born with “less” rather than “more.”


The Reproductive health bill supports the former: which aims to promote responsible parenthood and teach reproductive health in schools, help reduce an alarming number of pregnancy-related deaths, prevent life-threatening abortions and slow the spread of AIDS.

The life of poverty supports the latter.


As in many other countries where similar policies have been introduced, enacting a law that would address the reproductive health needs of the Filipino people would, over time, vastly improve health and quality of life and support development,” the U.N. said.

Quality of life. That is the most important thing.


We are not against life, we are against suffering.

I would scream, hate, get depressed, or probably curse life if I was born into a world were I have to scratch and claw for food everyday. I would curse a life where hunger is an everyday problem.

And I know you would too.



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